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Dear member your basic information has been updated

2nd step (completed)

Your work profile has been updated. If there is something pending you can edit profile anytime soon.

3rd Step (pending)

Dear member your work profile will be verified and it will be visible for everyone, so they can see your work profile and appreciate it. Not only this we are tying up with a lot of companies and organisations to give you benefits. For this process there is a fee of Rs 1100+gst for now in offer, as it can be increased anytime.

For this you can pay online with our secure payment gateway.

Good news, We have started the process of releasing e- certificate for all verified Members. Vouchers are also being distributed as the tie up process is going with companies.

For future support our team is working continuously. We need your co-operation and support.

Certificate and Vouchers

We are now started distribution of certificates. Please check sample certificate. Also Various Sponsors Discount Vouchers are ready to Distribute to all Members

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