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Miss World 2024 Beauty Pageant

Miss World 2024 International Beauty Pageant

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Miss World 2024 Beauty Pageant
Miss World 2023 International Miss World 2023 International Beauty Pageant


Dear Aspiring Queens
Get ready to embark on a journey that will not only transform your life but will also be a shining testament to your grace, intelligence, and charisma. Forever Star India Awards presents the Forever Miss World, an exquisite platform that celebrates beauty, talent, and the essence of womanhood. FSIA has tirelessly ventured into the heartlands of India, offering women from unheard places a national stage to dazzle and shine. Now, with an unwavering commitment to its vision, FSIA aspires to extend this transformative opportunity globally. Our aim is to unravel hidden talents, providing a global platform for individuals to showcase their skills and fulfill their dreams. It's a journey where aspirations meet international recognition, allowing each participant to represent not just themselves but also the rich tapestry of their cities on a global stage.

The global stage is set to crown winners from every state of 139 countries. This ground breaking beauty pageant stands as India's pioneering initiative, curating and training winners from diverse countries, culminating in a grand crowning event. The Registration of Forever Miss World2024 is now open and enrolling candidates from 139 countries. Forever Miss World is the only Indian Platform which is ready to host beauties from global stage. The Audition will take place online. Forever Star India Awards: Forever Miss WorldNow Open!
As the registration for Forever Miss Worldis now open, the countdown to a life-changing experience has begun. Seize this opportunity to redefine beauty, break stereotypes, and become an inspiration for women worldwide.

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For Any details you can contact our support executive on +91-8239808999

Make Sure to Pay the Audition Fee after Registration



The Candidate has to be 18 Years to 30 Years.


The weight of the participant should be less than 80 Kg.


The candidate should be a minimum of five feet (152.4cm) tall, without heels

Marriage Status

The candidate should be SINGLE, UNMARRIED, Not ENGAGED, and Never Been Married before.

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