We are a premier Beauty Pageant and Awards Company dedicated to celebrating and honoring the extraordinary beauty, talent, and grace that reside within individuals. With a passion for elegance and a commitment to recognizing outstanding achievements, we strive to create memorable and transformative experiences for participants and spectators alike.

Our Projects:
  • Forever Miss India 2024
  • Mrs India 2024
  • Miss Teen India 2024
  • Super Woman Award 2024
  • Super Hero Award 2024
  • Business Award 2024
  • Fashion Week 2024
Our Mission

Forever Star India is India's leading beauty pageant platform. We also empower those women from small areas of the country who have not been able to make their career due to some reason. We also help in making them self-reliant through women empowerment.


The Purpose of Forever Star India Awards Show is to highlight those talents of the Country who have contributed in the advancement of their Society and Community but do not get a National Platform to present their work in front of the country.


The main motive of Forever Fashion Week is to bring the country's best fashion designers and makeup artists on one platform so that they can get national level exposure.


Star India Kids Contest wants to provide such a platform to all these children where they can identify their hidden talent and potential and can decide at their early age in which creative field they can develop their career.


Forever Star India (f-sia) is a platform, where we envision a world illuminated by the radiance of beauty, talent, and achievement.

  • Empowerment: Our dedication is to empowering individuals, to embrace their unique qualities and feel confident.
  • Branding and Promotion: Forever Star India is a community, and being a part of it has many benefits, one of which is branding and promotions. We give top Google ranking to your social media profile, which is a big achievement in itself, along with media coverage, social media promotion, interviews with top media houses, photoshoots etc.
  • Positive Impact: Highlight the desire to make a positive impact on participants' lives by providing a platform that goes beyond physical appearance, focusing on personal growth, self-esteem, and community engagement.
  • Global Reach: Express the aspiration to become a global leader in beauty pageants and awards, fostering international connections and promoting a positive image worldwide.
  • Professionalism and Integrity: Stress the importance of maintaining high standards of professionalism and integrity in all aspects of the organization's operations, from participant selection to event execution.
  • Community Engagement: Articulate a dedication to engaging with local communities and giving back through charitable initiatives or partnerships, reinforcing the company's commitment to social responsibility.
Our Goal

The main goal of Forever Star India is to create a social platform where the best models and achievers from across the country come together and have an open platform to exchange their ideas.

Forever is a community where people from different walks of life find a platform to showcase their talent. Our full belief is to empower the women of India and make them self-reliant. All the women who have been left behind due to social or family reasons can now come forward and choose a better career for themselves.

  • Project 1 "Forever Miss India 2024" for the upcoming talented girls of our country. This is going to be the biggest beauty pageant of India accepting registrations from all over the country. For More Details: Forever Miss India 2024
  • Project 2 "Mrs India 2024" for the beautiful and talented women of our country. This is going to be the biggest beauty pageant of India accepting registrations from all over the country. For More Details: Mrs India 2024
  • Project 3 "Miss Teen India 2024" for the beautiful and talented Teenage Girls who want to start their journey to the a pageant. We are accepting registrations from all over the country. For More Details Click Here: Miss Teen India 2024
  • Project 4 "Super Heroes Award 2024" to honor the Men who have worked for betterment of the society. There are a total 72+ Categories where you can Apply. For More Details: Super Hero Award 2024
  • Project 5 "Super Woman Award 2024" to honor the Women who have worked for the society and empower the women to show their hard work to reach the heights of life. There are a total 72+ Categories where you can apply. For More Details: Super Woman Award 2024
  • Project 6 "Business Award 2024" Under the Business Awards 2024, Forever Star India invites such Businesses, Startups, Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses, Home based Businesses who want a National Platform for Global Exposure of their Business. For More Details: Business Award 2024
  • Project 7 "Fashion Week 2024" In India's Famous Fashion Week Forever Fashion Week, we provide a Platform to Fashion Designers and Makeup Artists where they can expose their brands globally with the Best Models of the Country. They also get a chance to give Interviews with Top Media Houses of India. For More Details: Fashion Week 2024
  • Project 8 "Star India Kids Contest 2024" Forever Star India organizes many contests like Singing, Dancing, Beauty, or any other activities. Forever Star India is fully committed to advance the children of India. For More Details: Star India Kids Contest 2024
Join the Celebration

Whether you're a contestant, a supporter, or a sponsor, we invite you to join us in celebrating beauty, talent, and excellence. At Forever Star India (f-sia), every event is a celebration of the extraordinary, and we look forward to sharing these unforgettable moments with you.

Come be a part of our journey as we redefine beauty, inspire confidence, and recognize those who make a lasting impact.



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Miss INDIA 2023

Forever star India 2023 is the perfect opportunity for young women and men to showcase their talent and beauty.

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