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Mrs World 2024 International Beauty Pageant
Mrs World 2024 Beauty Pageant
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Forever Star India Welcomes You to a World of Glamour With a legacy of empowering women across various corners of India, FSIA has illuminated the paths of countless individuals from the most unexplored realms. This time, fueled by the same visionary spirit, FSIA is set to transcend borders and unlock the potential of talents hailing from 139 countries.

In a society where traditional beauty contests often pose logistical challenges for married ladies as there are not much opportunities for married women on such level, Forever Mrs. WORLD overcomes these barriers by bringing the stage to their doorstep. This is not merely an online contest it is a revolutionary celebration of the brilliance that defines marriedwomen, acknowledging their beauty beyondthe conventional norms. Forever Mrs. WORLD becomes a digital bridge, connecting married women worldwide to a platform where their aspirations can soar without the constraints of physical travel.The participation form below is your golden key, unlocking the doors to participate in this celestial extravaganza from any corner of the globe. The world is your stage, and Forever Mrs. WORLD is your canvas to paint the portrait of your grace and charm. Forever Star India Awards: Forever Mrs. WORLD 2024, Registration Now Open!
As the registration for Forever Mrs. WORLD is now open, the countdown to a life-changing experience has begun. Seize this opportunity to redefine beauty, break stereotypes, and become an inspiration for women worldwide.

Registration Form

For Any details you can contact our support executive on +91-8239808999

Make Sure to Pay the Audition Fee after Registration



The Candidate has to be 18 Years to 30 Years.


The weight of the participant should be less than 80 Kg.


The candidate should be a minimum of five feet (152.4cm) tall, without heels

Marriage Status

The candidate should be Married, Divorced, or Separated.

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