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Adv Shilpa Saini-Rawal


Being a Divorce Lawyer I have always motivated my female clients to be strong, self motivated and made my male clients to understand their wife's situations and made them realise if they have mistaken women anytime. I believed understanding is the key which every one should learn through realising owns responsibility without blaming anyone else. I have helped many couples since 12 years, counseled and guided them perfectly for their betterment and future. I have served in a very reputed NGO called Tejgyan Foundation for near about 06 years. 

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    • Pune

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    • Maharashtra

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    • Advocate

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    • Advocate

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    • BSL LLB, LLM , DCCL, Certified Relationship Counsellor, Certified Marriage Counsellor, Pursuing MSWC

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Project Details


1. First case in Pune District Court for completing Divorce Through Skype. 

2.Legal Advisor at Human rights Foundation 2018-2019 Pimpri Chinchwad,Pune.

3. Chosen for successful influencer females in Advocate field by Lokmat Newspaper 2021

4. Won case against Sony Phone in Consumer Forum.

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Adv.Shilpa Saini is a qualified legal professional & an expert in family law,Civil, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Writs and practicing since 2010. She deals with the matter related to her area of expertise before Supreme Court, High Court and District Court, Family Court , Consumer Court cases. She has been practicing since more than 12 year now.Her key behavioral strengths are – Consistency, preciseness in identifying strength and weakness of the matter, organised, client friendly, influencing, analytical, effective and apt in logical argument in the court room, delivery of job assigned by following logical steps to take the decisions in her client’s favor, court craft, excellent command over language and subject matter expertise, etc."


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