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Ankana Saha


Hello,Ankana this side. I started with my Crafting Journey & Entrepreneurship last year during the lockdown period. I always wanted to connect with people,make them feel surprised and put on smile on their face. Thus I started with this. I thought during the lockdown period if I could make one person smile during that negativity,what a great achievement it would be to me. When I actually did that with  Panda Scrapbook I got the courage and confidence to make two more person smile. And then from two to ten,ten to fifty,fifty to hundred and so on.I remember people were saying they were feeling "Sukoon Mila" with my work,they were ready to pay more but buy my work when I closed the orders. They hugged each other after a fight,they cried in happiness,they smiled with a blush with our packages in their hands. That justified our page name Gifts & Smiles. Today I get my everyday orders and I start doing the work from morning 6-9 and the prepare for my Entrance.  Me and my family were affected by Covid,My Grandmother was admitted in the hospital due to dangerous low haemoglobin levels,our family suffered a business loss and huge family problems during the beginning of this Entrepreneurship. In childhood I used to get bullied in school and my dance classes and when I returned back to home I used to see fights in our family. I used to get nightmares,my stomach felt empty,my eyes were puffy when I used to get up.I decided not to stop for a single day. I continued with my work and I will till the end. Initially days were very tough. Being bullied in School from teachers and mates,it was tough to open up as an individual to the world. When I used to dance I got kicks from back,When I used to sing there were high noises and high volumes to suppress it. I failed in my Entrance twice and thus people spread more negativity when I started my Crafting Journey. I had zero money to invest at the start. I saved money from my tuition fees and bought materials from the stationary shop. Me,My parents and my brother lived in a single room which was tough to cope up with studies and crafting.I received messages from the known people what is this cheap thing I'm doing? I received messages from fake accounts just to pour negativity on us.Today,from those kicks I got at the back,I shake my legs with the people all over the world when they smile with me receiving my handmade package. I sing with them when they receive surprised handwritten letters from us.This Entrepreneurship helped me recognize myself.My future plans are to continue this Entrepreneurship with my Education. Right now I are doing an Initiative.Sending handwritten letters to the ones who wish to get a birthday wish every year but never gets one from friends, who wish to hug one unknown person and cry. Also, we  are going out every two weeks after,meeting random people,asking them if they are interested to make something with us live for themselves or their closed ones. We already did with the kids playing on roads and the smiles were priceless. Filling those in our diary pages. The appreciation and love from all over the world made who we are. Hoping to connect with more people all over the world. What I can say is if Ankana can stand straight even with failures and bullying from people,everybody can. Always remember a failure can only open a door to your Success. A failure will make you realise who you are and how much great you can achieve. Let them laugh at you,let them do the legpulling, you stand straight and look up high in the sky,dream bigger,work harder. Fly. Work harder. Get up everytime.Run. Move. But never stop.

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    • West Bengal

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    • Btech in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

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Project Details

Currently doing the initiative with offline Giveaways as explained above.


Secondly trying to make a 100 day Scrapbook with 5000+ Mathematical formulaes.


Distribution of sanitary pads in the form of explosion box to empower women and feature their strength.


Nominated in IBA AWARDS.

Interviewed by the team Entrepreneurs of India.

Complete Business Details

I started my business with Gifts & Smiles back in 20th August 2020. The lockdown period helped my crafting business and gifts boosted up. The page is regarding with every handmade,Customised and Personalised Gifts. Running the business through Instagram,Facebook and WhatsApp.Currently Delivering to all over India only due to the Covid situation.


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