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Banu Priya Yogeeswaran obtained her postgraduate degree in Zoology and PhD in Toxicology Interdisciplinary from University of Madras, Chennai(1999). She has to her credit trained in GCP, Auditing, NABH, GLP and GMP. Additionally, she received Fredrick Fellowship from IPPAT(1995), COASTED fellowship(1997), JR IN DBT projects(1998).She started her research career on Diabetes related quality controls of herbal medicines, cholesterol and other pesticides with potential focus scientific methods of preclinical studies. She worked in the field of herbal and microgreen project along with management of Medicinal plant under JRF. During with Her work on tender coconut water won her Excellence in Clinical Research (1997) and youngest receiver of the award later become research officer in MV hospital for Diabetes and started her job with human clinical trials in large number of diabetic patients. Her publication of diabetes and fluoride is a original publication and considered worldwide in policy making. Further she worked with SIRO, ACT, Vatsaalya, Clinpace, Novotech, G7Synergon in Head of clinical research, She worked in clinical trial projects that are all on special protocol assessment. She has to her credit several national (30) and international (4) scientific publications, and lately, Patent application In India in Diabetic Meal Replacement. She has one more application pending for filing in the field of Chronic Renal Disease patients. She has developed 4 main core applications, Pharmacovigilance, master file systems, auditing system, GCP score system(dynamics) Explora(PHP), P4VIGIL for pharmacovigilance ERP (DOTNET), PMS Application(DOTNET) to handle large volume of data, integrating to large studies and inventory management. From 2013, she worked in terzetto and Augur, following this started, her company in 07/07/2020 – BR medical research, focusing on diabetic meals, medical device mold, supply cold storage mapping, stem cell connect network and developing application for paralegal support. Have trade mark, copyrights of the soup formulation in the company, have got DIPIP, a Have a patent in Food technology applied, and sucessful run a diabetic soup company She is a Arborist and have personal plant collection of 45 species and 300 above seed for micro green projects.

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can provide when interviewed


Youngest receiver of Excellence in clinical research in 1997

Project Manager global runner up in 2006

Best Business team in G7 Syngergon group

Nasson tech to watch 2017 featured in publication

Developed P4 vigil software, PMS software ERp

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we have soup products, diabetic noodles patent applied, and millet veg pellets , we work in risk mangement of harvest, cold storage management, mold, phamaceutical combact systems. we are a small start up  and now marketing Myglyindex soup products. We are shortlisted for Smaridhi Under Archarya Incubation AP


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