Dhwani Waghela
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Dhwani Waghela

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I would say that I am creative, hardworking and versatile. I am a student who works hard to achieve the goals that I have set for myself. I believe that constant learning makes a person more knowledgeable and platforms like FSIA cater as a rich source for such cultivated experiences. It is our differences that make us special and I am in the process of learning to accept my imperfections as I face the reality of the world out there.

I am usually a people person and I really admire the theory of socialising with others and exchanging ideas and opinions on different topics and situations. Lastly, I am proud of being a woman who is also a daughter of a highly respected mother. I choose to turn the accomplishments achieved by my mother into inspiration instead of letting them intimidate me to prove myself to the society.

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    • City :
    • Mumbai

    • State :
    • Maharashtra

    • Email ID:
    • waghela.dhwani9699@gmail.com

    • Profession:
    • Student

    • Education:
    • 12th ISC (Humanities)

Physical Attribute

    • Bust :
    • 32

    • Waist :
    • 24

    • Hip:
    • 34

    • Dress Size:
    • S

    • Shoes Size:
    • 8

    • Height (ft):
    • 5 ft  2 inch

    • Weight:
    • 48 Kg

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~Ms. Congeniality - Zenith 2019

~Green Student of the Year (2019-2020)

~Twinkle toes 

~Star Performer (AAURA 2019)

~Best Dance Group (AAURA 2019)

~Invited to Amaravati Nrithyotsav (Indian Dance Festival) 2017

~High Commendation (MUN)

~Certified Creative Content writer 

~Bhartiya Youth Face of India 2021 for public speaking


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