Dr.Sameera Gupta
Mumbai . Maharashtra . India . joined October, 2022

Dr.Sameera Gupta


Dr.Sameera Gupta is a celebrity physio-occupational therapist , specialist in sports medicine & weight management through Physiotherapy. Certificated From KEMH & awarded as the times of India healthcare. Youngest 3 month old & oldest 96 years Patient suffering from High diabetes ,BP & pcos losses 10 weight in 2 month with ulipo & eme machines She is the founder and Medical Director of the company Dr.Sameera’s Physioslim clinic. She has been practising for 25 years and has helped thousands of people to reduce their aches & pains & issues of weight so even if you have Diabetes, blood pressure, PCOD along with Back Pain ,knee pain or neck pain, can help you get fitter & healthier with weight loss thru Physiotherapy She is a Consultant at Sujay hospital juhu since 2005 ,N M Medical Khar & at One of India’s Biggest Wellness revolution which is at Soham Spa,Wellness Sanctuary,Juhu ,Mumbai highlights of your services / USP: patients suffering from Back pain,knee pain ,shoulder pain,and joint and mobility issues due to paralysis and weight gain due to the pain.

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    • City :
    • Mumbai

    • State :
    • Maharashtra

    • Category :
    • Doctor

    • Email ID:
    • dr.sameera72@gmail.com

    • Profession:
    • Physio-occupational therapist & weight loss consultant

    • Education
    • Bsc(OT)

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