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My self Kusuma, Born and brought up in Bangalore, My Mom is a Retired Government teacher, My Dad is working in a temple, I have 3 Kids, I am working women and also a Kundan Handicraft Manufacturer and Terracotta Jewellery Manufacturer,  after my marriage life has changed a lot, For a Girl after marriage we have to leave our parents go to new family, looking after them and compromise in various things, even i had faced many problems as i left my job after the marriage, i gave a birth to my princess, later life became challenge for me, only with my husband earnings it was very difficult lead our life, after 2 years again i started to search the job by god grace i got the job and started to work, i use to leave my baby in the playhome and in the evening my mom use to bring her home, for some years it continued, later i gave a birth to my twin babies boy and girl, by that time my husband left the job, i alone has to maintain the home, after my twins delivery with in 2 months i went to office, my mom use to take care of my kids, day was hoing like this only, one side my husband not going to job, another side kids, life became more challenge, My job timings was early morning 5.30am to 3.30 pm, cab was coming at 4am, i use to sleep only for 1 hour, kids were waking up here and then feeding them again make them to sleep, by that time it would be early morning get up and go to work, once i came from the office in the year 2017 i started my Art work as a professional work, i was not having money to invest and do the business, i started my Kundan Designs Handicrafts in the amount of just Rs 50, i bought some small boxes and strat doing designs for that, i named the design box as Kumkum Bharani, i struggled a lot to sale 1 box, my neighbour took 4 boxes, that is the first order i got after 6 months, i felt very happy, after that i had started to advertise in social medias like facebook, watsapp and advertise in pomplets, daily i use to do posts, but i dint even get orders, but later one day my mom told dont loose hopes start promoting in friends circle, relations, social media again and again definitely u will get orders, My Mother stand as a back bone for me on that day, again i started searching for the raw materials for decorating my products, after sometime i got to know about the wholesalers, but again finance issue, if we need to order with wholesalers we have to give bulk order, they wont accept small quantity, again started searching for other wholesalers, atlast by god grace found one wholesaler, they were giving for small quantity also but price differs, took some raw materials for very small amount and started doing decorations to that, as my profucts are kundan Handicraft, and started promoting with friend, relatives, in social medias like that, i struggled for 2 years for orders 3 months once or 6 months once i used to get orders, daily i was posting in social medias, status in watsapp, days went like that only, in the year 2019, 6 months once order became 2 months and 3 months once orders, as all of us knows in the year 2020 Corona Virus started, again problem started no orders nothing for 1 year, but i dint loose hopes, i prayed God and again started promoting in the year 2021, in the starting yes again faced problem in taking orders, but day by day in a month i used to get 2 to 3 orders for my kundan designs, 2 and 3 orders became 10 to 12 orders, later it became 15 to 20 orders in a month, with god grace and my mom moral support today I am here that daily i am having Orders for my Kundan Handicraft designs like Kundan Rangoli, Kumkum bharani, marriage decors, Return Gift items for Functions and Festivals, i am Having my regular customers from 5 years, they are starting refer me for their friends and relatives, daily i use to sleep only 1 or 2 hours, morning make my kids go get ready for school, after that till evening i will be in work, in the evening looking after kids make them homework and studying, after that i will start with my kundan work, some times no sleep when orders are more, even my kundan designs is also my baby, named that as SNN Art and Creations, Today what i am here is just because of god grace, my mom support, and my customers support.

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    • City :
    • Bengaluru South

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    • Karnataka

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    • Entrepreneur

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    • kushikusum.m@gmail.com

    • Profession:
    • Working and also a Handicraft Manufacturer

    • Education
    • BCom

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Project Details

 I had taken More than 100 Orders for Marriages complete Decors, I do have a Regular Festive Decors of my Customers.


 Customer Satisfaction and their reviews are my achievement 

Complete Business Details

 I am the Manufacturer of Kundan Handicraft Designs like Return Gifts for Festivals ans Functions like Kumkum Bharani, Kumkum bixes, Rangoli, Decorated Peeta, I do Designs for Marriage like Decorated Coconut shell, Dry Coconut, Panner Dhani, Decorated Trays, Big glass for Welcoming Bride.

I also a Terracotta Jewellery Manufacturer, I do Customize colors as per the Customer needs.


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