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Honey lisa

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 am an optimistic, candid, responsible and social person. I am confident with my thinking analysis that I can communicate effectively with people. I am self-reliant, well behaved and above all, a person of strong character. I take initiative whenever the situation arises and come off with flying colours.I would like to develop all my existing qualities to the maximum level of perfection, as such I would like to go for positive experiences in my life because experience is the best teacher of a human being. I love being healthy and take measures to lead a healthy life and workout efficiently. My parents, relatives and friends motivate me, accept both my strength and weakness, inspire me to a better person every day. I like to be active on my socials and participate in any social events. I love all standards of beauty & it comes in all shapes & sizes and my personality traits make me believe that I'm beautiful inside out and continue to be encouraging and inspire other woman in future as well. I love to take challenges and expand the horizon of my inner talents and constantly improvise my personality. I know it takes takes a lot to be a better human and have a positive effect on society hence I would like to be better & achieve more, learn more and experience a good life.

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    • City :
    • Hyderabad City

    • State :
    • Telangana

    • Email ID:
    • honeylisa8295@gmail.com

    • Profession:
    • Student

    • Education:
    • Masters in Business Administration

Physical Attribute

    • Bust :
    • 34

    • Waist :
    • 28

    • Hip:
    • 38

    • Dress Size:
    • S

    • Shoes Size:
    • 5

    • Height (ft):
    • 5 ft  4 inch

    • Weight:
    • 53 Kg

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 I always find myself potential in achieving something i want to pursue. I have actively participated in social events conducted by school, university & student welfare. My parents, colleagues, friends believe in me and have motivated me to achieve some great moments which I truly deserve with my talent. Below mentioned achievements are recent.
In 2017, I have enrolled for 'Miss Hyderabad Events' and have qualified every round with enthusiasm and have won the title.

In 2020, my college have conducted 'Mr and Miss Freshman 2020'. I have enrolled and participated very actively with my contestants and have 'Miss Fashion Icon' title. 


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