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Merlin Rathna Priya J


I am Merlin. I am a counselling psychologist and remedial therapist and trainer. I am also a parenting coach. I work among children with Learning Disability and their parents. I conduct workshops and trainings in schools and conduct screening and awareness camps.

Merlin is a well-versed Counselling Psychologist/Remedial Therapist and Trainer.She is a Parenting Coach and Trainer. She is Mindfulness –meditation Practitioner. She is the Tamilnadu State president of special needs Council of WICCI.She has a varied education background – she is a Post-graduate in Counselling psychology, and Certified in Specific Learning Disability. She is a member of Counsellors Council of India and Bharathiya Counselling Psychology Association.She is currently the consultant Remedial trainer and Process Coordinator at Jeypore School, Jaipur. She is also a consultant Trainer and Assessor at Read,Right Read Readily ,Mumbai.

She has been working in the Remedial education field for a decade and she has been constantly working with LD, ADD, AHD, ASD, slow learners and underachievers. She has done full time remediation as well as part-time pull-out sessions for children from mainstream.

Merlin, as a passionate professional, has taken initiative in promoting inclusive education in mainstream schools. With a Motto to create awareness about learning disability and difficulties among teachers and parents in the mainstream education system, she is strenuously working to reduce the rate of children pushed to special schools. Her goal is also to streamline the slow learners and underachievers in mainstream setup by creating adaptive and conducive learning styles and strategies.

Keeping this as her vision she has active social media (WhatsApp/Facebook) groups called “CREDENCE’ for professionals all over India to work together on the same goal.

To ensue her passion, Merlin has started a Centre called Changing Tree Child Development Centre, which is registered under Government of India. As a place to learn and grow, Changing Tree makes a positive impact on Many children and their parents.

Training Wing:

At Changing Tree, our staunch belief is to spread our wings through extensive training, Webinars and well- equipped workshops, not only to the professionals, but also to parents. The main reason to target parents as a part of our program is to upskill them, so that they would be able to provide right support to their kids. Also, these programs educate the mentees to focus on different approaches and strategies to work with children with diverse difficulties. 

We are honoured that there quite a number of professionals and parents who were trained by us are contributing the society across India and we would be overwhelmed to enable more people in the similar way!


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    • City :
    • Chennai City Central

    • State :
    • Tamil Nadu

    • Category :
    • Therapist

    • Email ID:

    • Profession:
    • Counselling Psychologist and Remedial Therapist and Trainer, Parenting Coach, Hypnotherapy Practitioner, Mindfulness and Meditation Practitioner

    • Education
    • Msc counselling psychology and certified in remedial therapy , Hypnotherapy, mindfulness and meditation, Certified in Parent coaching

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Project Details

 Our Projects are:

  • Awareness camps about Learning Disabilty in Schools.
  • Therapy sessions for children
  • Counselling
  • Training programs for parents and teachers
  • Parent Coaching
  • Workshops for teachers
  • Assessments 


 Received Focused Entrepreuner award from BLMM group.

Complete Business Details

 With the increase in the number of children who face learning difficulties and struggle with academics (due to pre-natal, peri-natal, post-natal and environmental factors), we brought Changing Tree into existence to aid such kids. At Changing Tree, we commence with assessing the children’s strength and weakness. 

With the assessment’s outcome, we device a holistic multisensory training approach, which in-turn will progressively benefit the children in overcoming the difficulties and will start to cope well with their academics as well. When we say difficulty, we would like to re-iterate that it is not restricted to differently abled children, but children who go to main -stream schools also might face the afore mentioned challenges. So, we also aim at facilitating Children from mainstream schools who struggle with Reading, Writing, Spelling, Comprehension and Language and Communication. 
At Changing Tree, we render individual attention, and we formulate a conducive environment with activity-based learning and game-based learning for each individual. As we believe in mutual partnering, we build a good rapport with the children. With this, we take utmost care to ensure that the children enjoy their learning and we act as a catalyst to help them to learn unassisted. While we strongly trust that parents also play a major role, we equip parents as well with all the relevant information, so that we jointly put efforts in the betterment of each child!
We also provide Training programs and workshops for parents, teachers and professionals on various subject areas related to psychology and SLD.
Our Vision: 
  • To enable children with LD to be a part of mainstream curriculum and build acceptance.
  • Train the parents, teachers and Professionals to comprehend and handle children with LD
  • To intervene and allow children to learn and grow at their own pace.
  • To create awareness about Learning Disability among parents, teachers and caretakers.
  •  Provide Exposure for children to explore and learn.
What we do and how we do?
  • Workshop/Training programs for college students, teachers, educators, professionals and parents. (Online Programs only)
  • Individual Remediation sessions for students.
  • Counselling and Guidance for Parents and students
  • Assessments and intervention for slow learners, underachievers and children with special needs.
  • Building confidence, self-Esteem and motivation for students through online/offline sessions.
Our Target Audience:
  • Slow learners
  • Children with Learning Disability (LD), Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • Parents, Teachers and professionals


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