Munmun Jain
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Munmun Jain

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 I am an optimist and honest person to myself. I am kind, peaceful and a humble person by nature.

I am the best motivator for myself and also for others too.People have always complimented me for my positive vibes.

I respect every caste,culture,religion,gender,sex and race. I am a very non-judgemental person.I truly love the person i am.

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    • City :
    • Udaipur

    • State :
    • Rajasthan

    • Email ID:

    • Profession:
    • My passions are dancing and singing. I am a very good cook and a baker as well.My skills are good listener, communication skills, and makeup skills as well as positive thinking skills.

    • Education:
    • BSC in Maths, MSC in Environmental Science.

Physical Attribute

    • Bust :
    • 32

    • Waist :
    • 24

    • Hip:
    • 37

    • Dress Size:
    • S

    • Shoes Size:
    • 6

    • Height (ft):
    • 5 ft  4 inch

    • Weight:
    • 52 Kg

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1)  I sang a song in my farewell of class 12th.  It was my first singing performance.

My principal Sir honored me in front of the whole school at last and appreciated me for my performance.Every person damn loved my singing and all praised me for that.

2) My second personal achivement is when i started feeding multiple street dogs  near and far away by my area since sept 2020 and took care of them medically,physically and emotionally.


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