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Palak Sinha Pritam


Palak is a renowned Tarot Card Reader, Spiritual Healer and a Spell Caster. With a huge client base of over 500+ satisfied clients including celebrities, she is not only known for her accurate predictions but also for giving result yielding remedies. Having learnt her modalities from India and Africa she has a perfect blend of expertise and hands on experience. Personal touch and polite communication skills are her basic attributes. After a corporate career of 12+  years in high-end companies like Milton and Hush, she completely shifted to quench her thirst towards the field of Spirituality and Mysticism. Through her accurate Tarot Readings she delves deep into the issue and provides proper treatment as and when required. Mediumship is a God gifted ability to her as she is able to connect her clients to their loved ones in heaven and like this many get the much needed closure. She does not limit herself to traditional problem solving methods but renders herself to create a better way of life for her clients. Through Spiritual Healing, she goes into the root cause of her client‘s concerns and helps solve them in a jiffy. Palak also performs Spells on special days to get the most powerful energies for the betterment of her client. She also is a loves to spread her knowledge to anyone who would like to spread their wings and dive into the world of Tarot & Healing, hence she teaches Tarot Reading & Cosmic Healing. Her students swear by her amazing teaching techniques and the level of patience she showcases during her classes.
Palak has won many awards & certificates during her academic years in sports as well as various inter-state competitions. 

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    • Vadodara West

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    • Gujarat

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    • Tarot Card Reader

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    • Tarot Card Reader

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    • MBA

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 Founder at 'Magic & Mystics by Palak' (India)
 Director at 'Corporate Media Solutions' (Rwanda)


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