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On 17th of December, 2017 Patricia Dsouza (Lobo) contributed towards the Society through her book – WHEN ROSES ARE CRUSHED - “A True Story and a Survivor’s Guide to Recovering from Child Abuse”. Being a Child Abuse Survivor herself, she fervently helps the victims of abuse move past their dreadful pasts. An Author, a Philanthropist, a Visionary, an Executor and a successful Inspirational Speaker.


After the success of "When Roses are Crushed", an inspiring Child Abuse Survivor's Guide, on 17th December 2021, Patricia Dsouza (Lobo) shared her journey of Real-Life POEMS through HELLO MEMORIES!  A collection of 77 poems. These offer to reveal bittersweet captivating recollection of Real-Life POEMS through various perspective.


Growing up in Dubai (UAE), for more than 21 years, completing her formal education there and later in India, Patricia discovered her purpose in serving humanity at a very early stage in her life. Working relentlessly with a driving force towards nurturing, volunteering and facilitating rural and urban children, youth and adults. She received recognition for Philanthropy work for street children project in Dharavi, Mumbai.      

A pioneer in the field of healing in child abuse, Patricia Dsouza (Lobo) is Global Goodwill Ambassador at 
My Body Is My Body, a Child abuse Prevention Programme and a former Child Welfare Committee (CWC) member.  Through her writing, she has voiced issues on Child Abuse. She is an alumnus of - GEMS Our Own English High School (OOEHS) – Dubai (U.A.E) and holds a Master’s degree (MBA) in Operations Management (Ops & HR). An Executive Director (ED) – Operations and also a Presiding Officer of PoSH committee for Kripa Foundation, an Organisation battling Addiction and HIV/AIDS since 1981.


Patricia is a multi-talented soul and carries a vast experience of 20+ years. Her experience includes Operations, Administration, Business development, PR and Events, HR Recruitment, Training and Development Division (Learning and Development Division- Soft and Multi skills). She has contributed towards Philanthropy work at various organizations. She has conducted Fundraising campaigns for various NGOs and achieved a great milestone.


She is a member of the Research Advisory Board of Scientific and Industrial Research Organisations (SIRO) – Ministry of Science and Technology and has won numerous awards, certifications, and recognition for her achievements and publication. In May 2020 her research work on HIV/AIDS was published in Science, Technology, and Medical (STM) Journals.

She Won the TITLE for Author of the Year 2019 Award and a Memento of Appreciation Literature Fest 2019 for Voice of Indian literature. She is awarded and featured as an inspiring Author of the year 2020. She is presented Tagore Commemorative Honouree Author for Literary contribution and beyond for the year 2021.


Patricia's grandma, Mrs. Stella Dsouza, is her inspiration. She is no longer present, yet one of her daring moves changed Patricia's life.


During the 1992 Mumbai riots, her grandma, a strong lady, not only reached out to people in need, regardless of religion or caste, but also looked beyond humanity. She assisted the afflicted in her local vicinity in enduring and becoming more than just survivors. Patricia's mindset was influenced by her Granny's bravery at an early age. Despite the fact that she had a lot of her own baggage that needed to be healed and recovered from, she gradually learnt to become an exact replica of what her Granny was - selfless, courageous, confident, and, most importantly, a HUMAN!


Patricia is a child abuse survivor, and her ordeal has left her with many scars and wounds, as well as a lot of packing and baggage to unwrap and heal from.


This road was not simple, but it was also not impossible. She was troubled by emotions, especially anger, despair, shame, and fear. She had developed hard shelled stiff cocoons in many aspects of her life that needed to be stretched, softened, and liberated.


She met someone who led her through a few private sessions to help her see the world in a different perspective. She figured out how to anchor herself and stay grounded. She had to recall all that had occurred to her. She eventually learned to accept all of her emotions, whether they were rage, grief, or anxiety. She learned to embrace both her humanity and herself for who she is. She found a spiritual shift within herself, a touch from the Almighty that altered her core.


She began journaling her experiences and emotions and eventually learnt to communicate them, which led to the publication of her first book, WHEN ROSES ARE CRUSHED - "A True Story and a Survivor's Guide to Recovering from Child Abuse."


Patricia perceives life from an eagle’s viewpoint. She is a strongly believes in the "Power to Alter" and “Create a Difference”. She believes that each human being is captive of a prison that they have created and can certainly be Free by Choices they make. Her slogan is SURVIVOR - Hope| Recovery| New Life. 


She loves to listen to Music and she loves to laugh and sing. She dabbles a lot with words. Her skills of adaptability, versatility with operational and facilitation skills have helped to keep projects focused and has been recognized and rewarded. Patricia has been a role model to many youths and women.


Patricia follows a “Can do Attitude” and practically applies it in her day-to-day life. She encourages and motivates people around her to look at life beyond what they do daily and inspires them to go after their passion. A real Creative Motivator!!


Patricia says that things may pull you down so that you may not be able to get up or stand, but you can still choose to focus on your goals and continue the journey creating a change from wherever you are.


“You don’t need to have special abilities to transform the lives of people around. All you need is a willing heart” – Patricia Dsouza (Lobo)


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