Prayikta thakur ( jyoti thakur )

Prayikta thakur ( jyoti thakur )

I am official participant of miss india 2022

Meerut . Uttar Pradesh . India . joined February, 2022
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Describe Your Self

 FIRSTLY  I wanna thank to FSIA ,who game me this opportunity and making this whole process online bcz,the whole world facing the covid situation and its very important to

stay home and stope but it's not about to stop your dreams or goal ......that's why I choose FSIAto take a step forward in modling agency ,i had some participation on another

online pageant too and they were very important to me ,bcz winning is not important to me THE JOURNEY is important to me ,,bcz it's gives more knowledge and more

experience about ,the beauti peagent ,and when it's about me ,my hobbies are singing (English song) ,Korean dance specialy traveling bcz i should wanna be tourism ambesder 

And anchoring ( i play role of anchor ,in my scl and collage on national festival like INDEPENDENCE DAY , REPUBLIC DAY  ,ANNUL FUNCTION ) , I loved raining session very

much ..when there is falling through the cloud i ALWAYS being outside from my home room and take enjoying of every single drop of water to just feel it . ..I also a

PHILOSOPHICAL I loved to serve old people to helping them and specially I loved to play with pet favourite pet are cats they r so so coutest creature of god on this

earth ... I am the kind of person to belive in them IF U DON'T HAVE TO FEED THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE THEN JUST FEED ONE  which means that it's not always been a lot of

money,to help others we just have a big heart to help them ,even up to a drop of water jst help  surrounding your outward ,by money and giving some seconds of your life ...

YEAR 2020 , thought me that there is no power bigger then natural manegement and natural laws ....

EVERYONE WANTS TO STABLE "this , statement shows ,the real behaviour of humen ,nature and everything in this world wide .....THERE IS NOTHING PERMANENT EXEPT THE 

CHANGE .... HERACLITUS i request to all the people ,just to read this  and go forward in your life is all about .......


  • City : Meerut
  • State : Uttar Pradesh
  • Email ID :
  • Profession : I am a lacturism ,i have completed my graduation and providing , tution classes for the students ,and professionaly i am a model,singer ,dancer and anchor (i' ve anchoring in my school and college on the National festival , independent day and rebuplic days and annun functions) i also to ambesder for tourism bcz i reflected the history and the storey behind every single place made in india
  • Education : I am a graduate person, pursuing masters degree in physics also I am preparing to be a lacturerar in degree college ,for this I am preparing for qualifiying NET UGC (CSIR) ,and side by side i also taking some government examination like CDS ,AFCAT ,CGL ETC
Physical Attribute
  • Bust : 30
  • Waist : 28
  • Hip : 35
  • Dress Size : XL
  • Shoes Size : 6
  • Height (Ft) : 5 ft  4 inch
  • Weight : 40 Kg
  • chatnow

 Achievement is this not meant about that ,u had a big troffi or a medal to show the people of your results ,,,if u have the guts nd poles to start a

new journey of your success even up to its of your dream or your life .......being always countinously forward is real sucess and real achievements for me for my life ....

Remember one thing .....Your bank balance had a lot of money ,and u had a Lamborghini is not meant that's is your aachivement ...the true achievement is when ,when u were

happy  for your results no metter you fail or u passed ,u always try your best to get a premium results and the most important thing is that ,u always be happy of your result ..

worthy  of your results ... dipression thought me that how fragile my life is ,how fragile our life our bcz people wants more n more and that's the humen nature but u have to

work for your satisfaction not for your Achievements ...........

And when it's about my life aachivemet are following below-------.  

I topped my scool in High school to get 85 persent marks in up bored ,and I were in top 10 list of my meerut can't  state ,then I got top 2 possition on my intermediate

examination i worked hard for it ...then I realised that's modling or beauty pageant is the way that u can raise your voice to other by your self performance and I start worked for

it ..i participated on online peagent @grandmodelingpageant whose participantsion certificate are following below ............

And ,,at last I wanna thanks to FSIA to ,take a step forward for reaching my gown in my life ....stil 






  • Prayikta thakur ( jyoti thakur )
  • Prayikta thakur ( jyoti thakur )
  • Prayikta thakur ( jyoti thakur )
  • Prayikta thakur ( jyoti thakur )
  • Prayikta thakur ( jyoti thakur )
  • Prayikta thakur ( jyoti thakur )
  • Prayikta thakur ( jyoti thakur )
  • Prayikta thakur ( jyoti thakur )



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