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T RANJITHA BADRADRI – FASHION DESIGNER Hailing from an effluent family that had one of the first theatres in chennai “Sun Theatre” and being the great grand daughter of the First Mayor of Madras “T Sundar Rao Naidu” Ranjitha was born in the centre of this glamourous world that landed her first initiation on the passion for creation . Since her early years she had a very keen interest in arts and crafts and during her teens ventured her first business in Tangore Paintings. As there were no scopes for Fashion designing in chennai during early 90’s,Ranjitha took on a Degree in B A Corporate at Ethiraj College and a Diploma in Graphic Design that landed her a project in Malaysia. While working in Malaysia she persued her dreams in fashion & design and studied a Degree in Fashion Design at Raffles International college and graduated from Limkokwing University of Creative Technology in 2008 where she recieved and Award “Certificate of Excellence”. In 2009 she single handedly opened her first label “Ambere” in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. She successfully ran this venture for 5 years styling many known celebrities throughout the country.In 2015 she relocated back to chennai due to her fathers ill-health and began her next venture “Tamaara” Tamaara derived from her family name Tamarapakkam . Shes believes in “Happy client refferals”. With zero publicity but purely by client refferals her business has gained a good brand name world wide,.Ranjitha has dressed brides across the continents. She has created a distinct identity with high-end couture detailing, intricate embroidery and unique use of fabrics and textures , which makes her creations stand out in a crowd. She believes its the little details that make an ensemble look different.She specializes in bridal trouseau, cocktail and western wear , kidwear and also offers fashion consulting for brides. Tamaara is very famous in Malaysia & Singapore for concept/ themed creations – Love story Blouses, Love Story Lehenga which was recently featured in Aval Vikatan Magazine. As part of her gratitude to the society and a believer in woman empowerment, every year she tutors a few young girls in hand embroidery and tailoring giving them the independence. For ranjitha “Tamaara is her passion” and she is the First Woman Entreprenuer in her family in the field of Fashion & Design.

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    • City :
    • Chennai City Central

    • State :
    • Tamil Nadu

    • Category :
    • Fashion Designer

    • Email ID:
    • ranjitha_8@yahoo.com

    • Profession:
    • Fashion designer

    • Education
    • Diploma in Fashion & Retail Design

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