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Noida . Uttar Pradesh . India . joined September, 2021
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 To live life to the fullest ; the same way people see the romanticized novels of Nicholas Sparks on a big screen, that is what I wish to aspire to live up to . I'm Sana , and I'm 18 years old .My passion in life is the art of self expression itself. The simple task of presenting yourself has so many unknown folds of depth to it. Fashion is a subset of my love for art and has a personal significance to me. Ever since I can remember I’ve always loved drawing dresses and accessories to go with the same. As a kid in my kg, ukg and primary classes I’d fill full notebooks with dresses and ensembles and go up to teachers telling them to pick out outfits which they believed were calling out to them. While others scoffed at the overdramatized reactions of characters in the movies along the likes of the devil wears Prada and Confessions of a shopaholic I could feel a satisfying sense of belonging. In recent years, the ideas of body positivity, self acceptance and love are at the forefront of my process towards the constantly evolving state of self actualization . I myself have struggled with body image perception and contrary to others I don’t believe fashion causes body dysmorphia but instead your view of fashion does. A simple thing such as customizing your uniform or the way you tie your hair reveals a facet of your mind and I believe fashion is the way you express it just as one similarly does when one is writing either poetry or prose, playing sports or singing songs. I don't like to be defined by boundaries of the present or past be it physical, judgmental or societal. Expression in my mind transcends all. In short one could say , I'm a person with the zest to live life , to work hard towards what I wish to achieve and to spread the idea of love and understanding amongst all my fellow companions. A highly contradictory and opinionated person , I like to work towards the idea of being one's own best version rather than conform to outsider opinions. Be your own person , is the motto that I believe and preach .

  • City : Noida
  • State : Uttar Pradesh
  • Email ID :
  • Profession : Student
  • Education : Currently pursuing Fashion Designing from Fad international Mumbai
Physical Attribute
  • Bust : 34
  • Waist : 27
  • Hip : 38
  • Dress Size : S
  • Shoes Size : 6
  • Height (Ft) : 5 ft  3 inch
  • Weight : 58 Kg
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 An ardent enthusiast who strives for perfectionism in everything I wish to achieve , I have a diverse field of interests with credible achievements in all for the same. Be it sports , writing , art or any form of debate ; I find myself to be a meritorious student. I've played football and badminton at both the district and zonal levels , quite often my pieces of poetry have been published in anthologies and I was even the much revered editor of my school magazine. To communicate with people is basic skill, and the art of language itself fascinates me. : resulting in a variety of wins in debates , extempores , just a min sessions and so on. An exceptional academic candidate I have been a scholar student for the last two years of my higher education with a 100% fee waiver for the same.

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