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Sucheta Das, director of “Images Redefined Photography institute” has working experience last 21 years with Reuters International news agency, Gulf News, Dubai and Associated Press (AP). …. Her pictures have appeared in national and international vernacular dailies including Time, Washington Post, London Times, National Geographic web page, Newsweek, Herald Tribune, Sundays Times, New York Times, The Guardian, Sipa Press, Le Monde magazine in Paris, Corbis, Private magazine, and others. Her work has been selected as “Best Photographer of 2011” at World Photographic Club in UK in the year 2012. Her image had been selected picture for book, the best of Reuters photography “The Art of Seeing 2” and one of the cover picture for Reuters 150 years Magazine. First book “Touch Of Love” on Missionaries Of Charity has launched from Kolkata, 26th September, 2019 at Mother House. She has been selected as one of the juror in several national and international photo contests. Sucheta does several workshops in India and abroad regularly and has been selected as one of the juror in several national and international photo contests several times. She has done more than 160 solo and group exhibitions in India and abroad. Website:, Institute Address: 21/7 Sahapur, New Alipur, Calcutta-700053, India Mobile: +8240057124 E-mail:

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 Sucheta won around 62 International and national awards including World Press Photo Golden Eye award, National Geography Award, Master Cup, Yonhap International Press Photo Award (YIPPA), Humanity Photo awards (HPA), Canadian International Digital Photography award (CIDPA), Hopkin University’s Protection Project award, Allard Prize for International integrity from University of British Columbia, European Journalism Centre (EJC)award, Photo Annual award, Several times World Gala award, Emirates award, Best Female Photojournalist award, National Press Photo awards, 2 times National Media Grants, 3 times awards from Ministry of External Affairs-Government of India, Red Bull Photojournalist award, Global Steel award, Gold medal from Prafulla Dhanukar Art Foundation and others

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