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Tina Chopra


I am an Early Childhood Educator who is learner by heart. I spread love and worship my profession. I have won many awards by working towards the betterment of my students. I wish my students to become the best humans not only by taking care of our country but also by taking good care of our world.

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    • Delhi

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    • Educationist

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    • tinac@ahlconinternational.in

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    • Early Childhood Educator

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    • NTT, Graduate, Successfully completed four professional courses from Courser ❖ Foundation of Teaching for Learning: Developing Relationships ❖ Learning to Teach Online ❖ Disability Inclusion in Education: Building Systems of Support ❖ Adhd: everyday strategies for elementary students ❖ Children acquiring literacy naturally ❖ First year teaching-success from start ❖ Art and activity: interactive strategies for engaging with art ❖ Teaching professional course ❖ Becoming a better teacher ❖ experiential learning. ❖ Developing personal socio qualities for creating a safe and healthy environment. ❖ Curriculum and inclusive classroom. ❖ Health and well-being in schools. ❖ Competency based education module 1 ❖ Chd_art integrated learning ❖ Rise diksha: भाग भिन्न एवं अंदाज़ लगाने कि कौशल ❖ Aees_preschool education ❖ Competency- based education- module 2 ❖ Basics of covid ❖ Cbse_preschool education ❖ Art and music ❖ School based assessment.

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  1. Total Teaching Experience.                 24+ years

My Thoughts as an Educator:


Well said by Stacia Tauscher that ‘We always worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today’.


 I am an Early Childhood Educator and hold the healthy experience of over 24 years. I am passionate and an enthusiastic learner. For me a role of a teacher increases while teaching little kids on virtual platform. I work for the development and care for the students of this age group. Development takes place in a series of predictable and common stages: Children become progressively more independent and learn increasingly advanced skills and capacities as they grow older. However, children do develop at different speeds and may reach developmental milestones at different times. What is considered normal child development also varies across cultures and environments, since expectations and parenting strategies may differ not only among countries but also among cultural, ethnic, or religious groups within the same country. Keeping this in mind I take my teaching other way round, I bring innovations by not asking them to answer my questions, but I motivate them to raise questions, I develop them where doors will open for them in places that they could not imagine. I not only just want my learners to become a human but also glorify them to be angels in someone’s life.

With the help of various examples and games I sensitize my children with all the SDGs and bring independence to each child to choose their own specific SDG goal.

I have been encouraging my students to become an angel in someone’s life. Collect things and lay your hand as giver.

When we think about how students communicate, we often think about how they speak to adults and their peers. The role of teacher is focused on how these young people speak to themselves, i.e, internal dialogue.


Growing up is never easy, and spending time with these little creatures and solving their tiny -tiny problems always have us reminiscing back to our childhood.

Never underestimate capabilities of a child, they can do amazing things. We inspire our students to do wonderful things because we know kids bust down the walls when someone pushes, believes, and cares for them. TEACHER COMMUNITY does that, and all the students are lucky to have such teachers in their lives.

Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education. Teachers plant seeds that grow forever. So, I am lucky to choose this as my profession.


My action for happiness is to accept challenges and learn new things, so I started browsing Apps, attended workshops, and learned new apps to make my virtual classes more interesting and livelier.


I am a keen learner, grasp everything, implement and believe in sharing.


My Expertise for presentations:


1.     SDGs

2.     Puppetry skills and puppet making

3.     Happy Classroom

4.     Innovative activities in physical classroom

5.     Innovative activities in virtual classroom

6.     Buncee App

7.     Story Jumper




 Awards and Certifications


*Awarded as Best Class Teacher. (2017)

*Awarded for Best Innovations by Mansha Educational Society (2018)

* Felicitated for successfully completing Action Research (2018)

*Awarded as Exemplary Utilization of Library Resources (2019)

*Rising Star Innovation Award by SDG SOLLUTIONS (2020)

*Awarded as Best Class Teacher. (2017)

*Awarded for Best Innovations by Mansha Educational Society (2018)

* Felicitated for successfully completing Action Research (2018)

*Awarded as Exemplary Utilization of Library Resources (2019)

*Rising Star Innovation Award by SDG SOLLUTIONS (2020)

*Innovative Teacher of The Year by Teaching Excellence Award (2021)

*Indian School Award 2021(2021) 



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