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Dr. Komalpreet Kaur is a Psychotherapist. Hypnotherapist, Past life Therapist, NLP Coach, Reiki Grandmaster and Mind Designer is a Chairperson of the Institute of Psychometric Assessment & Counselling. She is vibrant and enthusiastic with a professional attitude and has a strong commitment to excellence. She is a young and dynamic lady with over 17 years of experience in conducting Psychometric Assessment, Counselling and Intervention Programmes and an expert in conducting training, seminars & workshops for Schools, Institutes and Corporates. Being qualified and experienced in understanding the patterns in the subconscious mind she is a catalyst for positive changes in individuals. She is helping people in redesigning their minds because she believes that Mind Designing aims at Life Designing. Dr. Komalpreet has an innate ability to relate to people and their thoughts. Her warmth and invincible energy motivate people to find solutions. She believes that real-life experiences contribute to reaching our goals. She inspires people to accept challenges as opportunities and work with a belief in the best and come out as winners. She is also the recipient of various awards like the Indian Health Excellence Award 2019 by Honourable Shri Ashwini Kumar Chaubey (Minister of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India) organised by Brandswin, Ambassador for Peace Award (Universal Peace Federation), International Reiki Ratan Award, (USA Chapter of Reiki Healing Foundation) to name a few. Her contribution is spectacular in the field of Emotional Health. Dr KomalPreet Kaur is the author of the book “Good Touch and Bad Touch” (Activity Book for Kids). She has also created a few products like Emotional Health Mastery, Inner Mind Designing for Prosperity, Divine Memory Miracles, etc. which are available on the website www.myminddesigner.com.

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    • PhD in Psychology

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Project Details

 Started the Project “Psychopreneur” where we are helping the young psychologist to start their own brand

Devise Emotional Health First Aid Manual and train lot of students of University of Delhi to provide Emotional Health First Aid Services to People during Pandemic.

Stress Management Professor at Bada Business Pvt. Ltd (An initiative by Dr Vivek Bindra)

As a combination of group training programs & individual counseling/ mind designing sessions, I have helped more than 15,000 people to live happy and blissful life..

Organized various Free Mental Health Services

Organized Various Free Emotional Health Check Up Camps on various Occasions.


Testimonials by our Students:









Instagram: myminddesigner_

Facebook: @ipacservices




September (2017): Good Touch Bad Touch: A simple Activity Book for 3-8 yrs. First Edition. Institute of Psychometric Assessment & Counselling (ISBN 978-93-5288-698-2)

January (2016): Well-being through Reiki in Individuals with Trait Anxiety. Indian Journal of Psychological Science. Vol. 6, No.2, pp 107-119 (ISSN 09769218).


January (2016): Investigating the Relationship Between College Adjustment and Quality of Life Amongst Delhi University Students. Indian Journal of Psychology and Education, Vol. 6, No.1 pp 150-157 (ISSN-2231-1432).


January (2016): Reiki: An Alternative Mode to Healthy Living. Public Health: Health: Issues, Challenges, Opportunities, Prevention, and Awareness. Vol 1(64-68). Krishi Sanskuti Publications. (ISBN:978-93-85822-10-0).


November (2015): Potentialities of Positive Attitude in Successful Aging. Gerontology and Geriatric Update (Pg 16-25).




Paper Titled: “Psycho-social Issues on Surrogacy” presented on 13-14 Sep.’14 at National Law University, Delhi.


Paper Titled: “Well-being through Reiki in Individuals with Trait Anxiety” presented in 2nd International and 4th Indian Psychological Congress held in Chandigarh- INDIA on 8th -9th October’15.


Paper Titled: “The impact of Reiki on Subjective Well-being” presented in National Seminar on Yoga and Spirituality held in Aligarh- INDIA on 7th- 8th Nov.’15.


Paper Titled: “Well-being through Reiki in Elderly with Trait Anxiety” presented in 3rd International Congress on Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine held at Indian Islamic Cultural Centre, Delhi on 27th- 29th Nov’15 (organized by AIIMS & University College of Medical Sciences).


Paper Titled: “Reiki: An Alternative mode to Healthy Living” presented in International Conference on Public Health: Issues, Challenges, Opportunities, Prevention, Awareness (Public Health: 2016) held at Daulat Ram College, University of Delhi on 15th -16th Jan.’16.


Paper Titled: “Reiki: An Ultimate Strategy for Well-being” presented in National Seminar on Social Harmony and Well Being: Issues and Challenges held at Sri Aurobindo College, University of Delhi on 18th -19th Mar.’16.



-Recipient of various awards like the Indian Health Excellence Award 2019 by Honourable Shri Ashwini Kumar Chaubey (Minister of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India) organised by Brandswin

- First Person in India to take Reiki to the Doctorate Level

- Received International Reiki Ratan Award by USA Chapter of Reiki Healing Foundation.

- Received Ambassador for Peace Award by Universal Peace Federation

- Received Appreciation Award by Satguru Uday Singh Ji on the occasion of 200th Prakash Shatabdi Samaroh of Shri Satguru Ram Singh Ji.

Received "I am Super Woman Award" by Cloud Nine Hospital

Received Various others appreciation awards

- Author of the book “Good Touch and Bad Touch” (Activity Book for Kids).

- Also created a few products like Emotional Health Mastery, Inner Mind Designing for Prosperity, Divine Memory Miracles, etc. which are available on the website www.myminddesigner.com.

The best award for me is when the client & the students extend the gratitude for my contribution. 


Complete Business Details

IPAC is a professionally managed Psychometric Assessment, Counselling and Training Institute which is working tirelessly in mind designing by providing dynamic, vibrant and quality based humble services. Our especially designed mind programs are aimed at preparing individuals with necessary skills, knowledge and attitude that will facilitate them to take on the challenges offered by the changing technologies and to live happy and blissful life.

We believe that: “The way you design your clothes with right fabric and color combination so that it enhances your outer appearance. You design your home so that it improves the aesthetic appeal and makes it more livable and pleasant. Likewise, it’s very important to design your mind by putting the right combination in it so that it improves your thinking pattern and enhances your ability to deal with today’s stressful lifestyle.”

Our team comprises of exceptionally skilled, highly motivated and committed professionals who facilitate in mind designing for seamless transformation of our clients and help them to grow freely so that their innate goodness will shine forth.


To become the life force of our clients by designing their minds and help them to identify their inner potential and empower them to optimize performance and productivity.


To build a diverse and energetic community by designing minds with the right combinations.

Office Address: Institute of Psychometric Assessment & Counselling

J 7/80 D Nehru Market, Rajouri Garden, Delhi-110027, INDIA

Instagram: myminddesigner_

Facebook: @ipacservices

You Tube: IPAC Dr KomalPreet Kaur

Linkedn: Dr Komalpreet Kaur



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