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Dr. Naveen Kumar Uppal


Biography -

A corporate professional turning into a successful Independent Inspirational Coach, Dr. Naveen's mission is to help young generation to identify the fears that are causing pain, frustration, loneliness and hopelessness in their lives and create the step-by-step road map to move beyond these barriers and accomplish what they really want


Let's Time Travel -

A unique combination of talent, success, moral and family values, Dr. Naveen Uppal is a self-made man with stone willed determination who scaled through stack of failures to stand at the pinnacle of success

Being born and bought up in Delhi, he belongs from a family of reputed government officers, he and his elder sister got a good start, however, losing his father at a tender age of 4, turned everything upside down. Despite of all the challenges and pressure, his Mother turns out to be the real Hero of the family. Along with his Mother, he took this as a wakeup call and instead of getting ashamed by his failures, he uses them to fuel the successes which he enjoys today. It was the strong foundation of his parent’s upbringing and the moral values that helped him sail through the dark times.


Naveen's Driving Force -

His Parents are his biggest inspiration as they remind and inspire him always to become THE BEST version of HIM. It was the strong foundation of his parent’s upbringing and the moral values that helped him sail through the dark times. Completing his Honorary Doctor of Philosophy (h.c.) from Royal American University, Newark, Delaware. USA was the dream of his Parents that has been accomplished recently.

Despite of the fact they are not physically with him, their teachings and guidance are still helping him to deliver my best.

His father was not only a reputed Navy officer but also a Man with a Golden heart and charismatic personality. He was a believer of strong moral and family values and that’s what he learnt from him and wish to carry the same legacy to his upcoming generation.

After his father's death, his Mother turns out to be the real Super Hero of the family and managed everything single handedly. Because of her he learnt to have firm determination and stay strong despite of how bad the situation is.

His parent’s blessings and his family's love and support are his pillars of strength.



Journey from REST to being BEST -

Naveen's life was always a crazy roller coaster ride. After completing graduation, he joined corporate world as a newbie with no knowledge and expertise.  He initially struggled a lot to survive. Also, after losing his Mother, he encountered a lot struggle and challenges which impacted both professional and personal life. This was the time when he decided to break the glass and own and embrace his failures/ problems to eliminate them. This acted as the turning point in his life, from where he never turned back.


Perfections of "Imperfect Naveen" -

Successful Corporate Professional -

Innovative, Influential and dynamic corporate professional with 15+ years of experience. Always proven himself in delivering success in People / Quality Management, Training and Development. He is not only Highly organized, Self-motivated team player who is always committed to deliver the best with perfection, but also focused on building high-performing teams and inspiring people to achieve personal and professional goals. Naveen has worked massively and has caused miraculous results for himself and his organizations. He is often described as " The Ultimate People's Leader" by his colleagues.


Independent Inspirational Coach -

Naveen's innovative & sustainable initiatives has positively impacted the society. He inspired and guided people to find purpose and meaning in whatever they do. It isn’t just his great smile and his way with words that motivates people to act like never before; when people face roadblocks or adversity it is the depth of his knowledge on achievement that creates lasting results

He helped to identify youth strengths and areas of concern and encourage them to leverage their strengths to address their concerns, helping to live a fuller, meaningful life that empowers them. He is appreciated and admired again and again for his ability to connect deeply with people from all walks of life.

His trainings, coaching, knowledge, high energy, charisma and warmth have transformed ordinary people into extraordinary achievers by using his own life, and his in-depth study of others’ challenges, to build an understanding of what works, what doesn’t work, and why. He is committed to motivating and training today’s generation to be achievers and leaders by strongly believing -

 "It’s not about being the best in the world…Its about being the best FOR the world.






"Be Better than your Old Self" - Naveen's Life Mantra

Naveen believes in living a life of significance, rather than just living a life of success. He strongly believes - "Do what you can, with what you have, at where you are". His fundamental revolves around learning new things every day from our own activities and stay motivated.

He always tried to look for the opportunities with the people and resources he had rather than to crib with what he doesn’t have.

He strongly believes that learning and improving is an unending process and there should be no full stop to it. So, whenever he achieved something, he always considers it as in "to be continued" mode so that he gets motivated and work towards "Better Version of Himself" every time.



Naveen's Wishlist -

With a vision to improve society and to empower and motivate individuals, he wants to continue inspiring and guiding people, to find purpose and meaning in whatever they do. He wishes to learn new skills and abilities that will not only foster his personal and professional growth but also help others to strike a balance between where they currently are and where they want to be.

He also wants to attain financial stability so that he can security for his family and for those golden years when regular income ceases.

Last but of course not the least, he has a keen desire to write and publish a book based on his challenges, experiences and learnings and want to dedicate it to his "Parents".



Fun facts about Naveen -

# Passionate Singer and his Idol is Late Shri Kishore Kumar Ji.

# Love to play Badminton.

# Favorite food - Rajma Rice and Chicken.

# Diehard fan of "Sweets".

# Believe in God and always trust his plans.

# Consider Family over anything.

# Allergic to dust and lies.

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    • Ghaziabad

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    • Uttar Pradesh

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    • Influencer

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    • inspire@drnaveenuppal.in

    • Profession:
    • Corporate Professional

    • Education
    • Honorary Doctor of Philosophy (Project Management) (h.c.)

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Project Details

 Website - drnaveenuppal.in


Naveen is honored to get recognized with an abundance of high visibility awards and achievements, including:

Honour and Awards -

1.       Awarded as "The Man of Excellence" in Influential Indian Awards 2021 (The award refers to a person whose actions and opinions strongly influence the course of the event).

2.       Participated as a Panelist in Most Influential People Indian Awards 2021 (The discussion on the Career counseling for the Young Generation).

3.       Awarded as Rastriya Gaurav Award 2021 (The prestigious award to honor people who have performed a perfect contribution in society in their respective field).

4.       Awarded as Bharat Bhushan Award 2021 (The prestigious award title to honor the Inspiring Award-winning stories of people using the power of humanity to build community).

5.       Awarded as Bhartiya Shaurya Samman Award 2021 (The National Award Title to honor people from India who have helped to regain life to society through their effective work).

6.       Awarded as Indian CSR Awards 2021 (The prestigious award title to honor the education initiatives for the society and skill development programs).

7.       Awarded as Humanitarian Excellence Awards 2021 (The highest social award of the country to honor only One (Male, Female and NGO) from each state and union territory of India in recognition of exceptional service or performance of the highest order in social field of human endeavor).

8.       Awarded as The Real Super Hero Award 2021 (Awards is for the citizens of India for their care and dignity and Super Heroes works for society and make the world a better place to live a respectful life).

9.       Awarded as Best Achievers Award 2021 (The national Icon Award to honor the most Inspiring people on National level).


Breaking Records -

1.       Name registered in “Delhi Book of Records” for winning the Maximum awards as an Independent Inspirational Coach in a year.

2.       Name registered in “Magic Book of Records” for Best Achievers Award person or the efficient performance with a great, extraordinary and inspiring journey of life.
(Magic Book of Records is a national and international document, for reading a collection of great work of exceptional talents and a n
ational Icon Award to honor the most Inspiring people on National level).

3.       Name registered in Bravo International Book of World Records” as a Motivator Pas Excellence, and the life of many as an Independent Inspirational Coach.


1.       Sexual Extortion in Cyber Space – from Telangana State Police of Women & Children Safety Wing.

2.       Online Cyber Woman Security – from Telangana State Police of Woman & Children Safety Wing.

3.       Effects of Cyber Bulling – from Telangana State Police of Woman & Children Safety Wing.

4.       Certification of Fundamental Rights – The Law Learners.

5.       Certification on Legal Provision of Protection of Woman - The Law Learners.


 Social Activist:

1.       Vice President (Ghaziabad) - Meri Awaaz Suno - Govt. regd NGO.

2.       President (Ghaziabad) - Police Mitra Foundation, Delhi.

3.       Executive Lifetime Member - Police Public Press, Delhi. 


and the journey continues.......

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