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My Name is Prashant Subhashchandra Salunke. I am from Vadodara Gujarat. I am an author & wrote around 350 stories in Gujrati Marathi Hindi & English language up till now.  I had a hobby of writing from a very young age. My first story "Raju ni Samaysuchakta" was published on Champak when I was in 6th. After that, I started to work on my skill as a writer.  In terms of writing, I was also notified by the Gujaratmitra newspaper on 27 April 2021. Gujarat Mitra edition published an article about me. I received the most admirable author 2019 award by storymirror. I also won around 46 writing competitions on a different platform. Also my book name "Ek Vikalp"  is used in the college of M.S.U in the internal humanism department. Also, I donate all my income from competitions to the development of Anganwadi Vadodara. Dharamguru Shree 1008 Jyotirnath Maharaj adopted me as a son and gave me the name Yogi Prashantnath Jyotirnath Nathbawa. Also, I try to make society aware of various issues through my writing, and for the same Nari Suraksha Crew and also other Leaders and Mayor's gave me a Complement certificate for the same.

As a responsible citizen, I help citizens during the Corona period. I arrange food and medicines for the needy. And also supply food for needy people. During the Maharastra rain disaster, I also do my best to help those needy people. I am also aware of people about the COVID-19 safety process. I distribute free masks in needy areas. And sanitize that area. I also gave donations to those organizations that made food kits for needy people. As an author to aware people to break the COVID-19 chain I also make short films. I think it was part of our duty and we should do it.


I am also helping our municipal corporation in Swachhta Abhiyan & other initiatives.

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Project Details

Working as a Tutor & Motivation speker for 20 years, and also managing and arranging various activities and programs for students.


I am Rieki Grand Master & M.D. Sujok


Vadodara Dharmaguru Shree 1008 Jyotindranath Maharaj adopted me as son and gave me a name Yogi Prashantnath Jyotirnath Nathbawa


Motiviate people by my writing skill. I am also Helpful to various social organization by my writing skill.


It cell & Social media Core group member.


Organizing Save tree awareness programs.


Anchoring various types of programs.


Has organized various competitions like Arts, Writing, Rangoli & Singing.


Worked as a judge in various Writing competitions.




Providing financial help for needy students & Adopt two Aganbadi.


 1) Love Story (1st in Velantine Special Guj. Competition)

2) Umbrella (2nd in National True Story Writing Challenge) Eng.

3) Milestone – 13 (2nd in National Suspence Story Writing Challenge) Eng.

4) Beti Ka Pyar (First in Hindi Audio Story Competition)

5) Naravo Kunjro Va (2nd in 30K Guj. Novel Competition)

6) Viday Tane (Second in Audio Guj. Story Competition)

7) Dhak… Dhak... (1st in horror Guj. Story Competition name Bhul bhuliya)

8) Muamma (5th in Hindi Novel Competition)

9) Tu Shu kari laish (11th in Poem Guj. Competition)

10) Daav (2nd in Advanture Guj. Story Competition)

11) My Alexa (1st in Mission Future Guj. Story Competition)

12) Shu hu khush chhu? (Winner in Freedom Guj. Story Competition)

13) Sonu nu Ghar (Winner in Maru Ghar Guj. Story Competition)

14) Vasvaso (1st in Maru Malak Guj. Story Competition)

15) Master Plan (Top 5 in Diwali Special Mystrios Guj. Story Competition)

16) Bhoot Prem nu (Top 10 in Diwali Special Love Story Guj. Story Competition)

17 to 26) Winner in Chamkaro 1 to 10 Guj. Story Competition

27) Laddu (1st in Shool ki yaade Hindi Story Competition)

28) Vachlas re vachlas.. (3rd in Baal rang Marathi Story Competition)

29) Agni Pariksha (4th Woman Special Sci-fi Guj. Competion)

30) Dhinglo (5th in Horror Guj. Story Competition)

31) Story mirror Author of the year 2019 2nd runner up

32) Most admire Author of the year 2019

33) Winner in 31 days 31 Prompts Competition

34) Winner in 30 days writing challenge

35) Tarkat (1st in Shopizen murder mistry Guj. Story Competition)

36) Tap… Tap… 1st in Shopizen Varshotsav Guj. Story Competition

37) 1st in Storymirror Guj. Love Story Competition

38) 1st in Storymirror Guj. Rang barase Story Competition

39) 1st in Storymirror Guj. Free India Story Competition

40) 1st in Storymirror Guj. Holi Story Competition

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