Shiney Thadani
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Shiney Thadani


A young creative enthusiast who believes that creativity has the power to change the world. A profound believer in the power of ONE, with a clear vision that it takes one person to transform everything!!!

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    • Delhi

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    • Delhi

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    • Graphic Designer

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    • Designer

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    • BA Hons Communication Design

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Project Details

 My work at TCS revolves around providing design solutions to client. Engaging with industry professionals across the globe, learning new trends and technologies shaping the world are of key importance to deliver a design solution that is in sync with the current times. My way of working doesn't limit to benefit orientation but it is my very own mission. A mission to transform society through creativity. A mission to provide design ideas so that it can serve the society. A mission to spread hope and make the world a better place. Initially, I used to wonder what can I do as a tiny droplet? But with time I realised that it can definitely start with me wherever I am. And now I proudly say, that one person's actions can also determine a lot. It will start with me, and create a chain reaction wherein one day we will start to see changes for good everywhere.


 : India Prime Icon Awards (2022-2023)

: A proud member and a president of local club at Toastmasters International, a non profit educational organisation. 

: Continues to be a part of various forums such as TED ex circle, Model United Nations exchanging ideas with people across the world. 
: Through the power of creativity, helping small start-ups who are working towards social cause with an approach of "Sustainable Design". 
: With peace, culture and education as the focus: going all out each day to become a change maker thereby empowering many young individuals to make a difference in the world.

Complete Business Details

 I am working as a UI/UX Designer with Tata Consultancy Services. Taking new challenge's everyday, each day has been a meaningful journey so far. Rather than regressing or taking a step back, I continue to welcome opportunities and challenges because they are my favourite companions in my journey of life. Every obstacle has been me into a more capable person than ever before and I am deeply grateful. You come to me, and you would never hear me say Why Me!! Instead Yes me!! I'll do it!!!!


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