Babli Mukherjee
Krishnanagar . West Bengal . India . joined July, 2022

Babli Mukherjee


Hi am Babli mukherjee social worker and activist also.I am doing this work from 2014 when at first I started working as a lawyer assistent and then I undertook the work in my own hand and started my journey from 2014 onwards to this stage.I have solved cases and brought families together of about a count of 3546 approximately.I have participated in many organisations and donated in many charity funds , orphanages and also participated in many blood camps. My work is for the well being of the people and this society .My main aim is to make this society more peaceful place to live in  by solving major and minor family problems only by talking with me and consulting .I talk to my clients understand them consult them and help them get back togather.

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    • City :
    • Krishnanagar

    • State :
    • West Bengal

    • Category :
    • Social Activist

    • Email ID:

    • Profession:
    • Social worker

    • Education
    • Under graduatere

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Project Details

 I am now forming an Organisation or my own NGO named by Ignition of unity


 I have recently achieved many awards and achievements from which one is that I have got one award from Ida diva award ,Doctorate Awardee and i have also held my name in the book of magic books of records and went to Didi no. 1few years back and many more achievements 

Complete Business Details

 I don't take my work as a business but still I take charges for my travelling s if the cases are of long distance and if the cases are in close distance then I don't take charges but if they give by themselves falling in their own humanity then I accept after work and i take minimum 3days to solve cases after they go by consulting me.



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