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Rimple Sharma


Rimple is an Executive coach & Leadership facilitator who works with organizations and help them achieve their business goals through leadership development programs. Her focus has been corporate trainings and group workshops. Specific work areas includes preparing leaders to be more courageous and confident, be able to hold difficult conversations, make effective presentations to senior stakeholders, aligning people to business strategy. She has successfully designed and delivered quality training programs for employees at various levels and across industries. Rimple’s journey of coaching began after the series of professional transformation achieved through coaching, mentoring, training. She works with people to connect with their core and have them lead from within. From more than a decade of multilingual international experience in the aviation hospitality industry, she has sharpened her instincts and skills related to communication, goal-orientedness, and conflict management. Over time, she has fine-tuned her abilities to solve problems of various kinds related to individuals from every walk of life, and has been routinely praised for this ability by her clients and colleagues alike. Blessed with a keen eye to offer personal attention to clients she contours a programme that is tailor made uniquely to suit individual needs.

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    • City :
    • Mumbai

    • State :
    • Maharashtra

    • Category :
    • Women Entrepreneurs

    • Email ID:
    • rimplesharma@lajoiedevivre.in

    • Profession:
    • Corporate Trainer and Confidence Coach

    • Education
    • Graduate

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Project Details

 The following are few trainings we conduct: 

\➢    Self Confidence and Self Esteem

              Excuse Avoidance – luck, age and knowledge excusitis

              Ways to overcome fears

              Ways to overcome inferiority complexes

              Self Esteem – the immune system of consciousness

              Impact of Self Esteem on your actions and reacting to difficulties

              Cultivate feelings of being worthy and deserving of happiness

              Understanding self-efficacy and self-respect


    Leadership and Motivation

              Celebrating achievement – rewards and recognition

              Encouraging personal and professional growth

              Leading by example

              Instilling hope, not fear

              Creating a challenging work environment

              Showing the larger picture

              Setting realistic goals

              Creating healthy competition

              Ensuring effective utilization of talent


    Emotional Intelligence

                Understanding Emotional Intelligence

                Brain Concepts

                Process of habits & EI

                Changing your habits

                Changing your emotions

                Self – Development.


    Influence & Persuasion

                Why is persuasion important?

                How persuasion helps in influencing people.

                Psychology of persuasion.

                Techniques of persuasion.

                Causes & Constraints.

                Challenges & overcoming them.


    Elevating Your Social Media Strategy 

                What is social media?

                Target groups

                Social media channels

                Managing your social media presence

                Social media management tools

                Social media top tips

                The importance of performance measurement

                Social media listening

                Case Studies


    Importance of Effective Image & Executive Presence


    Business Etiquette

                Business body language and posture

                Tips on building confidence

                Art of sitting, standing and walking

                Conduct expected at work place

                Effective introductions and greetings

                Warm welcome, set the tone

                The handshake - correct way of doing it

                Exchange of business card

                Work place civilities

                Meetings courtesy

                Telephone etiquette

                Thanking & seeing off customers


    Art of Networking


                The art and benefits of small talk

                Forms of address

                Use of names & titles

                Welcome topics of conversation

                Topics to avoid

                Personal questions

                Appearance & Public  behavior

    Conversational & Communication Skills

                Enhancing verbal & nonverbal communication skills

                Pronunciation & Speech

                Modulate voice and gestures to churn up emotions

                Various exercises to polish enunciation & pronunciation

                Interpersonal communication & rapport building

                The power of words to strike casual conversations

                Insight on quick rapport building

                Understanding the importance of asking the right questions to get desired responses

                Effective listening

                Constructive criticism

                Speaking with charm and leaving the listener enthralled and inspired to take action

                Speak with power & poise

                Gain c


  •  Global Achievers Award 2021 - Corporate leadership trainin

  • Silicon India Magazine - "10 Most Promising Professional Image Management services Providers 2020"

  • Women Entreprenuers Magazine.- Top 10 Corporate Trainers

  • Mumbai Mirror - Featured article on Self Acceptance

  • Key Note speaker at FICCI Flo Indore - Mentions in Dainik Bhaskar, PatrikaNai Dunia & Prabhatkiran Local Newspapers on Self Confidence and overcoming your fears.


Complete Business Details

 La Joie De Vivre™ is blueprint for success and is a unique opportunity for men and women with an entrepreneurial spirit.

La Joie De Vivre is a Company promoted purely to enhance and up-lift the experiential joys of living. We recognise, that there exists a vacuum in our lives which holds us back from living life to its true potential and we seek to bridge that gap through our training, coaching and mentoring


We encompass a wide gamut of topics all suited to an extensive client audience ranging from senior executives in reputed companies, entrepreneurs, client facing sales professionals to aspiring teenagers and enterprising homemakers to name a few. For this, we conduct workshops on Leadership, Self Esteem & Self Enhancement, Confidence building, Communication Skills, Motivation, Corporate Etiquette, Dining Etiquette, Corporate Dressing and overall Grooming, 


The objective is to augment the self-esteem, and eventually bring about a clarity that leads you to freedom from confusion, creating a positive and powerful frame of mind.  In your quest of self-discovery, I help you keep your conscious mind busy with the expectations of the best, and ensure that the thoughts you habitually visit are based upon what you truly want in your life. We do this with unwavering determination and you are now a mind that has translated from questioning to resolving and performing, a mind that is empowered to move mountains. We focus on overall personality, dressing sense, vibrancy and personal style of our target audience to international standards at the same time improve conduct in their day to day life and especially at their work place. 


Each workshop is personalised and is designed to empower executives with skills needed to elevate their career to the next level.


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