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This is Varsha Patel , I have completed my graduation, I have completed advanced diploma course in Mass Communication. Now I am doing post graduation. I am a social activist to. I have done internship also. I worked in NGO in participants in Yuva Summit 2019 in Karnataka. I have keen interest towards social media i am working as influencer. I have got social media influencer award by Deputy CM of Bihar and Social Media influencer award with panel session by UP minister of women welfare. Currently I have nomited for Glantor award for social Leader and Indian Prime award for social Leader. I am promoting apps on social media platform like- instgram, whatsapp, Facebook, trell,tiki, tango, YouTube etc. I am running my own Community that name is Adirsha_Community- its work to connect people online and taking step towards spreading happiness among needy people. My community work as voice of people social media working as mediator and to connect voiceless people ( needy people). My fav quote- Cogito Ergo Sum' that means I think therefore I am. My journey is not stop yet I am still moving in wast world.

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    • Varanasi

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    • Uttar Pradesh

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    • Digital Marketer

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    • Student

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    • Post graduation

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Project Details

 My project details .. I was working on the project with Government school . To inhance the quality of education and give them smart learning techniques.

I have visited many Government School but as everyone knows teaching level is down , teachers are very slow, no proper guidership passing .

I have started this in 2019 but after Pandemic it's totally stopped. Again it will on track within few months.

If you talking about changes then you will have to change yourself. Education is the right of every child.


 I have achieved many things in life but still not satisfied....

Firstly got permission of higher education aim to become professor.

In UG I have joined NGO and got opportunity to join educational trip of 25 days accross the country.

I did many internship and certification as extra activities.

I was selected for Gandhi Fellowship program in 2021 run by piramal Foundation.

I was participant in 'yuva Summit' in 2019 in Karnataka.

Joined social media in 2020 as the result nominated for Social media influencer. Awarded by Deputy CM of Bihar and secondar time 

UP minister of Women Welfare.

Further I have nominated for many award section .

Complete Business Details

 I am not a business Women because still I am a student but my aim to spread my online community to join mass number of people.

As you talk about business details then I have done internship in social media marketer field as well as in social sector in Collaboration with 

Government schemes. My aim to become a Professor and work with youth of the country.

Changemaker starts from you and I but everyone needs moderator. Along side I use digitalisation for spreading smart learning in rural sector.





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