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Prasun Ghatak
. India . joined September, 2021

Prasun Ghatak


Chartered Engineer by profession having interest on contribution to society. COVID took away wife - Soumi Saha who was batchmate, in memories of her Soumi's Care formed and taking initiatives in various cities i.e. Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Kolkata etc. Sometimes it is food distribution at slum areas as most of the maids are not earning, sometimes gifting T-shirts to underprivileged kids on festive season, sometimes Vitamins, Sanitizer, Mask distribution to the slum areas, sometimes it is a visit to orphanages and old age homes, sometimes reforestation of mangrove after devastating storm, sometimes distribution of immunity boosters to the kids, sometimes just making posters for the awareness program. As a working professional, one portion of salary is kept in the fund for these initiatives which will not only give remembrance, but also inspire others to contribute for society. Individually this is a drop of water in the ocean, but together this can create a better world for all.

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    • City :
    • Hooghly

    • State :
    • West Bengal

    • Category :
    • Social Activist

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    • Profession:
    • Service

    • Education
    • Graduate Engineer

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 Soumi's Care is formed to spread the happiness to the underprivileged and taking initiatives on current issues on the society.




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