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Trupti Ramane


Doing work for physical Handicapped and mentally handicapped peoples, arrange free skill development training to Slum area peoples and Help them to start Own business or work .we are give them financially and economically support. I m personally adopt 3kids for whole Education who are not afforded to education finance.I’m also adopt women’s who’s are single or teenage girls who are molest from family or society. To give them skill development training Educational support and stand on our path .im Orgniser of events for Orphan ,slum,Needy peoples & womens . To give them stage to improve skills and given market to do best in society. Because we Trust on Own skills which is gives you better life instead of Begging,bad deeds Etc.

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    • Pune

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    • Maharashtra

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    • Selfmade

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    • Business

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    • MBA fin

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Adarsh mata Puraskar 

Kids Award 

supermodel International 

Miss Mrs PcMC 

Ganpati Gauri Contest 

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*Dirctor Of Akansha Orgnisation 
Child and Women's Skill development training center and Events

CEO : In _ Mirror Magazine 
1:Business in_Mirror 2018 

2:Political In _Morror 2021 Running



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