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"I am a simple human being like you, I love myself, my family, my friends, my life, all living beings, and the beautiful creation of the Creator like you. I have gone through the ups and downs of life like you, I have fallen and learned to raise like many of you and by his grace, I have experienced to be in gratitude every time as many of you. I am a poet and I am so thankful to God for choosing me to express my thoughts in words. I am absolutely in love with unsaid words and unexpressed emotions. And by the way, all of us have so much unsaid and unexpressed. By profession, I have worked as a Retail Studio Manager, worked with MNCs, and as a Communication Coach with the Education Sector and Aviation Consultancy. I believe that communication is the key in every aspect of our lives. We got to share our emotions, feelings, ideas, use appropriate words, and write them down to have a clear understanding. And now I am glad to say that I am here for all of those who want to speak up about what they have been hiding not only from the world but from themselves. I, Khushboo Chugh, a transformation coach have this objective, vision, and mission of spreading Love, Happiness, Peace, Harmony, Courage, Strength, Clarity, and Acceptance around the world. So that many like me could value themselves, know that they are unique, amazing, and carry all the potential to do what they have always wanted to. Yes, we all are unique. We have that strength that can make us achieve anything in our lives. We are together on the journey of transforming ourselves in an absolutely unique way. Let's take those little required steps to live our lives to the fullest and give all the reasons to our creator, to feel happy about us. Stay blessed.

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    • Delhi

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    • Delhi

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    • Multi Talent

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    • Transformation & Communication Coach

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    • B.Com, B.Ed, Advance Diploma in Training & Management from American TESOL, Transformation Coaching Program from Arfeen Khan's University, Diploma in Fashion Designing

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Project Details

- Associated with Foresight Edutech Pvt. Ltd. and was responsible to train Soft Skills in the Centers of Delhi and NCR.

- Purposeful Self Awareness Coaching is going on.

- Freelance projects for Self-awareness and Purposeful Communication with UNITED SIKHS are in the pipeline. 

- Discovery Sessions on multiple fields are in the pipeline. 



 - Advance Diploma in Training and Management from American TESOL

- A CCE Certified Incredible You Coach Training Program accredited by International Coach Federation. 

Complete Business Details

- Transformation & Awareness Coach who helps people to be aware of of their hidden potential and transform them for a meaningful purpose. In the hush bush of our lives we tend to loose connection with self resulting into our not stabilized connection with others. I help them to know who they really are and what are their core values that drives them to lead further. In the journey of transformation they come to know about their fears and get to know how to overcome them. They get the clarity in the chaos of their own thoughts, beliefs and cluttered mind. Step by step they see massive shift in their energies and meet their own NEW SELF.


- Communication Coaching is one of my passion with an objective to help people to use correct words with themselves and others tuning with the right frequency of their tone. I do give knowledge about the English language depending on the need of the clients that included Business Communication/ Purposeful and Mindful Communication as well. Communication is an imperative key in all the aspects of the life and I help others to deliberately take good care of communication in the best way in every form.


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