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I am a hardcore Science & Technology Communicator. I'm an Engineer, Scientist, Researcher and a Space Educator. I work hard like many other individuals. However, I 've been here for almost 2 decades by virtue of my perseverance, tenaciy and my people-skills. Above all, I'm a Teacher, Mentor and Guide to many youngsters. Most of all, I am an inspiration to the young and budding Engineers, Space Scientists & Technologists.

I believe I am truly a SUPER-WOMAN, because Rocket Science is a mega-branch of engineering, whch is absolutely fascinating! And very few women pursue this field! Besides, it's challenging for a WOMAN, and I have made it posibble for many young girls to pursue this field. SPACE is an absolutely popular branch of technology. I have popularised it in India, in the last few years!

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    • City :
    • Pune

    • State :
    • Maharashtra

    • Category :
    • Teaching & Research

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    • lsbokil@gmail.com

    • Profession:
    • Space Science Educator

    • Education
    • Masters-Space Engineering

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Project Details

I am involved in Teaching and Research activities. As an Educator, I teach Science & Technology, in general, and Space Engg., in particular. I guide and mentor students in the field of Space Technology.

I am a Space Advocate, a science enthusiast and a hard-core Science Communicator, emerging to become a future space leader! I'm a multifaceted, young and a dynamic achiever! I'm a role model for many youngsters and my students. Yet for me – KALPANA CHAWLA is an icon and a role model. I wish to continue the legacy of this legendary icon when it comes to space travel… and to top it all, I am one amongst those that made a reality of my big dreams!

Apart from Space Engineering, I'm involved in Research on Aliens & ET Existence. I'm a part of SETI Institute in the US, and did a Course on "Search for Extraterrestrial Life in Our Universe" from the prestigious University of Edinburgh, UK.

The ultimate aim of Space Exploraton is to find if there is LIFE, elsewhere in the Universe. Man's quest has always been to find out from where we came, and to discover other forms of alen life in our COSMOS. So, i am involved in this kind of fascinating work in the field of ASTROBIOLOGY.

However, I will always be a TEACHER/EDUCATOR. And my Research is going on simultaneously. I do a great deal of multi-tasking, like every other woman. Apart from my profession, I am a full-fledged HOME-MAKER.




And I have worked for almost over dozen years to reach to this position. Today, I am a SCIENCE COMMUNICATOR and a SPACE EDUCATOR, by virtue of all my hard-work, determination, perseverance and tecacity.
I am invited for delivering KEYNOTE Address at Conventions, and also as a GUEST/EXPERT on TELEVISION and RADIO, for giving Interviews.
The highlights of my Career and Achievements are:-
* B.E. (E&C) with First Class from KLS-GIT, Belgaum
* Worked with Industry and then with Academia
* Got trained at NASA-Honeywell Space Educators' Program 
   in Marshal Space Flight Center, Huntsville (AL)
* Visited NASA 6 times, in various capacities
* Did PG in Telecom Engg & Mgmt from University of Pune
* Pursuing Pre-Doc Research in 'Aliens and ET Existence' 
   from the prestigious University of Edinburgh, UK
* Recipient of The IETE'S TECHNOMEDIA - 'Young Women 
   in Engineering Award
* Recipient of the coveted 'SAVITRI BAI PHULE AWARD' 
* ADARSH SHIKSHAK Puraskar on Teachers' Day-2020
* Dr BABASAHEB AMBEDKAR Sanstha's - Veer Mahila Award
* KRIPS Foundation's Women's Day Award
* Recently received Maharastra Mandal Award at the hands of Hon'ble CM of GOA, Dr Pramod Sawant
* ASMITA AWARD in 2021
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Complete Business Details

I am a Freelance SPACE Educator, and have worked in varios organisations, in different capacities. However, I became an ENTREPRENEUR only 6 years ago. I am a NASA-HONEYWELL SPACE EDUCATOR for life-time.

I am the Founder of ASTRO-EDU, PUNE, an Academy that specializes in Astronomy/Astrophyics, Cosmology and Space Engineering. I founded this business entity, almost 6 years ago, as a venture to partner in educational activities with NASA.

We conduct Technical Lectures, Science Workshops, star-gazing activites, Seminars/Webinars, Conferences, Science Exhibitions, etc, to promote science education. The scope of our activities are not limited to Pune or Maharastra. In fact, we conduct Events at a Global platform or level. Besies, these days, the Programmes are Virtual in nature.

To sum up, ASTRO-EDU is an Organisation that imparts Space Science and Astronomy education. All our activities are focussed on spreading knowledge. And this is a non-profit organisation. We do self-sustained activites, and I put in funds from my own pocket. The priority is SCIENCE Education. 


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