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Pushpalatha M S


Hi, I’m Pushpalatha, Cofounder and Director of Garbhagudi group of companies. Garbhagudi IVF Centres are known for its highest success rates, ethical values, Humane touch and holistic approach towards the treatment. We have grown Garbhagudi from scratch to a company with a valuation of around 100cr within a span of 9 yrs. I am an operations specialist in health care with Humane touch and holistic approach... Every Couple who walk-ins will walk out with a smile… is my team’s motto.. I’m the joint secretary at COWE – Karnataka chapter and President of IronLady Community. I’m also a Guinness record holder for conducting largest health awareness campaign for women and senior citizens.

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    • City :
    • Bengaluru South

    • State :
    • Karnataka

    • Category :
    • Women Entrepreneurs

    • Email ID:
    • pushpa@garbhagudi.com

    • Profession:
    • Cofounder and Director - GarbhaGudi IVF Centre, Founder and CEO - Stratist Pvt.Ltd. Advisory Board Member - Sneh RERC - Physiotherapy chain

    • Education
    • BE, Mtech

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Project Details

Starting with a very defined vision of scaling up businesses and mentoring entrepreneurs is how the brainchild of Stratist was formed. The name derives its significance from strategic growth solutions that dedicatedly assist you from day one to ensure that your journey is fruitful and brings a new prospect to the business ecosystem.

As a team of experts from various field of professional experiences, we are enriching our committed solutions effectively, each day. Having clustered group of eminent and proficient advisors, we empower each entrepreneur with a holistic approach that encompasses operational mentoring, marketing mentoring, business strategy mentoring and much more.

Each strategic partner belongs from an extensive and deeply-rooted professional background that goes beyond ten to eleven years of significant sustenance in the industry. Identifying the concerning gap between correct assessment of mentoring entrepreneurs and finding them solutions to go ahead is how Stratist wishes to make a difference.

Our Vision

Envisioned to fuel the igniting power of entrepreneurship in India, Stratist foresees a long enroute on the path of success, not for just the organization but several millions of organizations who are part of this journey. We have set a target to empower 100 companies and contributing to influential decisions for more than 10 LAKH Entrepreneurs.




  • Guinness record holder for conducting the largest health awareness campaign for women and senior citizen
  • Passionate entrepreneur to scale business from scratch to 100 Cr valuation
  • President - Iron Lady Community.
  • Certified Program Leader - Iron Lady
  • Featured as a prized entrepreneur on HERMONEYTALKS ENTREPRENEUR http://hermoneytalks.com/2020/12/challenger-to-champion-the-electrifying-journey-of-a-dual-entrepreneur/
  • ISB 10K women Entrepreneur supported by Goldman Sachs.
  • Maternal & Child Care District Director at Rotary District 3190
  • Joint secretary - Confederation of Women Entrepreneurs (COWE) Karnataka Chapter (2019-2020)

Complete Business Details

At GarbhaGudi, we understand that infertility can be soul crushing. But take courage that help is at hand. We have been delivering miracles every day for over ten years now. We have on board a team of infertility specialists like gynecologists, embryologists, technicians and staff who work closely with you to develop a personalized fertility treatment plan.  We offer infertility treatments like IUI, IVF, Egg donation and more. As a leading destination for fertility treatments for Indians and foreigners, our fertility center offers hope to patients around the world. 
GarbhaGudi is a chain of new generation infertility treatment hospitals equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and cutting-edge technology to address this ever-increasing problem of infertility. It was founded by a team of committed entrepreneurs and healthcare specialists, led by Dr. Asha S Vijay, who is a renowned gynecologist and fertility specialist.

Core Values

  • Service loyalty to the patients and financial loyalty to the organization.
  • Complete adherence to ethical practices, at all times, in all situations.
  • Adhere to Government rules, Medical Council rules & guidelines and importantly to the rules of mother Nature.
  • Priority to patients, people and partners
  • Hire the best people, train them and retain them
  • Commitment to social responsibility in terms of treatments and costs to those who cannot afford treatments.


    My GarbhaGudi shall be a globally renowned reproductive health university, having superlative success rates, due to strong scientific approach, ethical values and humane touch


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