Misba Kadri
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Misba Kadri


Currently she is pursuing bachelor in dentistry and with that also working as social media director at cynodent international as well s zonal coordinator at next-den-gen.She is actively involve in social work. Not only that she is a team member at NGO named Siddham Sansthan.She is also doing diploma in kathak. She hosted many webinars and moderated online courses. She also runs her you tube channel as well as making you tube video for cynodent international. She is all rounder since childhood. She is also working with Muskurahat Foundation. She is volunteer at United Nations. She is certified phlebotomist,laser dentist,ozone dentist as well as certified in rubber dam course.She is good in sports,acting,dance,public speaking,music,martial art,communications,writing and in many more activities.

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    • City :
    • Banswara

    • State :
    • Rajasthan

    • Category :
    • Multi Talent

    • Email ID:
    • kadrimisba660@gmail.com

    • Profession:
    • Medical student

    • Education
    • Student

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Project Details

She organised dental camp and covid awareness camp at udaipur. She is actively involve in social work. Recently she is planning for conducting menstrual hygiene awareness camp. She is also making you tube videos at her own channel as well as for cynodent international.She is working as Social Media Director at cynodent international.Volunteer at United Nations. Also working with muskurahat foundation.



 She is awarded by many awards,recently she is awarded by indian dental oscar. Also awarded as Miss Cynophoria India 2020.She is also awarded as best NCC cadet in rajasthan.She is passionately classical and folk dance learner.Also received many prizes in dance and other activities.She received first prize in miss garba 2019.She is expert in speech,dance,martial art,social work,writing,sports,creative activity,acting,music,fashion and many more things.

Complete Business Details

Working as social media director at cynodent international and zonal coordinator at next-den-gen. Active social worker at siddham sansthan. She has also done various national and international publications and also organized conference.She has also done free dental check up camp and awareness camp.Fundraising intern at Muskurahat foundation and volunteer at united nation.


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