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Dr.Arpita Chatterjee


I  am a qualified homoeopath holding a MD degree in Organon of Medicine along with 2 Post Graduate degrees. One in clinical hypnotherapy and another one in clinical and community psychology. I also hold a Diploma in Fitness management along with cerification course in mental health assessment. Since 2012 I am working as a homoeopathic clinician and treating patients with holistic medicine & apporach. After my completion of MD I started working as a lecturer in Homoeopathic medical college. Currently I am the HOD and Associate Professor in the department of Pathology at Parul institute of homoeopathy and research. Along wirh my job I am also pursuing my PhD in homoeopathy. I am also the founder of my NGO World Healing Society Foundation which started in 2012 and since last 8 years we have been working for the welfare of animals, humans and environment. www.worldhealingsocietyfoundation.org

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    • City :
    • Vadodara West

    • State :
    • Gujarat

    • Category :
    • Social Worker

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    • arpitachatterjee29@gmail.com

    • Profession:
    • Doctor

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    • MD

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Project Details

Love Mother Earth Rally :- Conducted since last 4years to create awareness regarding the environment issues among the masses and to implement effective participation of citizens in order to save the planet from being destroyed.
Spread a Smile Campaign:- Creating awareness regarding various mental health issues through flash mobs, street plays, campaigns etc. It is bascially to remove the taboo attach with the mental health issues. 
Suman the fragnance of nature :- In last 6yrs we have planted more than 10k trees around the globe and made sure they are all thriving. 
Sign Language:- We are propogating the idea of an inclusive society by including sign language as a basic skill training taught to students, employees, health workers, legal administators and coporate workers. We organise basic sign language training to school and college students, health workers and to the general public.

Adopt With Dignity :- We have adopted 5 seniour citizens who have been abndoned , sick and without pension. These families are provided with monthly ration kit. 

Reflective belts:- We distribute free reflective belts to people so that they can tie them to the necks of the stray dogs who at night could be saved from hit and run over by cars or vehicles. These belts make the driver aware of the animal on the road at night thus saving their lives. 


  • Being Woman 2020,
  • 2) Chatrapati Shivaji Heroes of Baroda Flood award 2019,
  • 3) Pride of Baroda award 2019,
  • 4) Women ACHIEVER'S Award 2021 from Parul university.
  • 5) Remarkable Women awards 2021 from Jaipur Rajasthan
  • Gujarat state council membership and
  • Afganisthan Homoeopathic Medicine Association executive member and
  • spokeperson of the scientific committee of All India Homoeopathic students and youths association 
  • Featured in  the March 2021 Lifestyle magazine's empowering women addition,

  • Nomination for environment excellence award for consecutively three year 2017,18,19, 

  • Certificate of appreciation by bJAIN PUBLISHERS,  AISHAYA,

  • COVID 19 WARRIOR APPRECIATION CERTIFICATE FROM Homoeopathic Chikitsha Vikas Mahasangh

  • COVID 19 WARRIOR APPRECIATION CERTIFICATE FROM Human rights and anti crime organisation


Complete Business Details

I am working as a social activist since last 8years. Initially I started it all along with just a mission of being of some service to the society. Gradually my freind and family joined in and after the Nirbhaya case of New Delhi in 2012 it turned into a movement with like minded people working towards making our society a better place to live in by first being the change themselves. In 2017 we got ourselves registered as a TRUST non-profit organisation. We are working by organising rallies, campaigns , awareness programs on various themes to promote co-existential society. We have adopted seniour citizens who are abandoned , sick or without pension. To such families we provide monthly ration kit. We organise free health camps, mental health awarness seminar and workshops. We also distribute reflective belts for the stray dogs to save them from get hit by road accidents. We collect fund with the help of our volunteers who contribute and the entire money is put for many such noble activities https://www.facebook.com/WorldHealingSocietyFoundation/


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