Dr. Urvi Sunil Jangam
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Dr. Urvi Sunil Jangam


Dr. Urvi has always defined her own path. Walking Untread paths is her hallmark. India’s first blind woman with a Ph.D. in German Studies, Dr. Urvi ventured into the Nonprofit industry to help design unique careers for blind and visually impaired students, to enhance student’s aesthetic perception, and above all help them lead an independent life. As She has consciously chosen this unique career path combining my expertise in the field of German studies (non-visual aesthetics) and the innovation in Nonprofit education. During the pandemic Dr. Urvi co-founded a nonprofit organization to initiate and execute ground-breaking vocational training for visually impaired students based on optimum utilization of four senses. This endeavor is born with the dream to find practical implications for her Ph.D. research topic namely the non-visual aesthetics. I.e., to make the impact of the newly developed concept Adrishya rasa felt beyond the academic realm. Her Master’s thesis (German studies at university of Mumbai) delves into German as a foreign language for blind and low vision students in integrated learning groups in the Indian context. This has helped her design German courses exclusively for blind and low vision students in India, deploying relevant teaching techniques. The position of adjunct faculty at department of German University of Mumbai, India enabled enhancement of essential teaching skills. She enjoyed walking students on the path of practical translation, dealing with patents, scientific, and technical documents. The DAAD Ph.D. research scholarship facilitated interactions with German native speakers thereby honing her linguistic instinct. Consequently, her 6 years stay in Germany contributed significantly to strengthen cultural knowledge and refinement of intercultural communication skills through first-hand experiences. The role as the Co-Founder and Executive Director at Aesthesis Foundation for visually impaired adds on to her professional experience in nonprofit. i.e., initiation and development of a nonprofit organization in the field of education. Her current role revolves around leadership-oriented tasks, which include developing and implementing non-conventional, innovative vocational training concepts, designing the curriculum, budget, fundraising, staff recruitment and training, create and nurture a conducive work-environment as well as student selection. Besides, Dr. Urvi leads the effort in content creation , marketing strategies, monitoring web designing and adhering to accessibility standards. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-urvi-jangam/

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    • Mumbai

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    • Maharashtra

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    • Physically Challenger Achiever

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    • urvijangam@gmail.com

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    • Educationist

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    • PhD. in German Studies

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Aesthesis foundation for visually impaired conducts courses for visually impaired people. They have devised creatively  special vocational training courses, which would offer students new promising careers and lead their life Independantly. Courses having different types of training like computer training, laguage skills or communication skills, perfumery and foreign language courses. q

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 Aesthesis Foundation for visually impaired



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