Dr.Amudalapalli Venkata Ramanamma
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Dr.Amudalapalli Venkata Ramanamma


I am working as English Lecturer in Sri Govinda Raja Swamy Arts College (Under Graduation) under the prestigious of management of Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams, Tirupati. From 1996 to 2016 I served as a Guide Captain along with Scout Students on auspicious days and heavy crowd days in summer at Sri Vari Temple, Tirumala. Served to LeprosyHospital patients and in local temples along with Scout students at Tirupati.Best Scoliosis towards the Social service activities, Aids Awareness, Leprosy Programmes, renderedvolunteer service in TTD Temples Tirumala and Festivals during heavy rushof pilgrims through Bharat Scouts and Guides . TTD.Tirurupati, exemplification of great appreciation of as guide capstan Certificate of Appreciation(the tax payer in he Bronze category in recognition of the contribution of taxes towards building of this great Nation) Designed four States Emblems on the occasion of Science Fair at S.V.University Campus School Ground, Tirupati with saltand colors under the guidance of Chittoor D E O Sri Pullaiah garu on 1 st February, 2000. ( Chief Guests A.P .Education Minister Sri Hari garu and A.P.Assembly Speaker Smt Prathiba Bharati garu) Worked as Subhodayam Coordinator from 27th January, 2020 to 2nd March, 2020 at 9 AM to 10 AM which is designed by TTD management to enrich the quality of teaching, improve the subject knowledge towards the students in TTD educational Institutions without disturbing the regular classes (NAAC criteria-2. Teaching Learning Process). Worked as Coordinator for free on line digital literacy programme for all three years degree students, level-1 , 10 days certificate course from 1-6-2021 to 14-6-2021 with free of cost which is an initiative by CAPGEMINI associated with International Association for Human Values (IAHV) and implemented by Sri Sri Ravi Sankar Vidya Mandir Trust (SSRVM) Art of Living faculty and CAPGEMINI Bangalore. (NAAC Criteria -1 Life Skills) . Three days free Pavitra Workshops on Yoga Pavithra Sadhana To prevent Women Menstrual cycle disturbances, infections, deficiencies due to imbalanced nutrition-awareness programmers conducted with yoga, mudras, mediation, pranayamam and scientific knowledge.. Workshops conducted Every month. . Organized by me free online youth leadership “Nava Chetana” Training Programme with the help of Art of Living Teachers Sri K.T.Ranganath and Murali and state council member Suresh. Benefits of the Programme

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    • City :
    • Tirupati

    • State :
    • Andhra Pradesh

    • Category :
    • Academic Skills

    • Email ID:
    • ramankanipakam@gmail.com

    • Profession:
    • Lecturer

    • Education
    • M.Sc (Maths), M.Phil (Maths). MA (English) M.Phil (English) P.hd (English), TTC, B.Ed, , PGDHE.C, B.Ed.

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  1. Leadership and Team Building Skill. 2. Confidence and courage. 3. Discipline and Time management. 4. Communication Skills. 5. Interpersonal Relationship. 6. Responsibility and commitments. 7. Dynamism and success. 8. Yoga , pranamayamam and meditation All Women Shift system at Tirumala Attended for special duty to work at Tirumala on 11-6-2017 under the programme of “All Women shift system at Tirumala”. International Women’s Day Celebrations Attended International Women’s day Celebrations conducted by TTD every year. Life Membership in English Language Teachers Association of India (ELTAI) Life Membership in Art of Living (Sri Sri Ravi Sankar Guruji), Bangalore ( an educational and humanitarian movement engaged in stress-management and service initiatives and to serve the society by strengthening the individual.) 5th, 6th, 7th August 9.Thought for the day Writing proverbs/quotations on College notice board to motivate the students.

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