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Have started my bussiness home i am the first person in bangalore started to teach aari embroidery my article as come in prajavani newspaper.2000plus womens have been started there own bussines.i almost try my best to train my students.recently i got awarded as womens achiver award india5000...i always believe womes should be independent independent...all the very best for beautifull ladies

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    • City :
    • Bengaluru South

    • State :
    • Karnataka

    • Category :
    • Entrepreneur

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    • Profession:
    • Founder.coacher

    • Education
    • Diploma in fashion desigining

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 In future i wanted to encourage all ladies to be independent women entrpreuner...


 In 2017 is my first achievment that my article got telecast in prajavani in 2022 is national women achivere award

Still more to go god desire

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I like fashion desigining from my childhood after my graduation i started fashion designing courses as a just after day i like fashion designing very much when i did course i like all subjects pattern making embroidery textile and illustration very much.i started my own coaching centre since 2012.first i started in my home.after that i started my own centre in out side.but i dont see detail in high fashion schools it is not affordable to newcomers and middle class the question of newcomers in this field to solve their queriers and problems.i started this fashion desigining course to make them top most in fashion industry and to attract not only for rich people but all categories people in fashion desigining


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