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I am Dr.purrvi patel helping my patients to get rid of their illnesses,a practising homoeopath from 15 years.I am one of the trustee at Rutuja Charitable Teust, Surat. To give my patients a COMPLETE CURE, I decided to explore other areas which finally lead me to pursue my certificate courses in: ➢Diet and Nutrition (tulip international, Mumbai) ➢ MINDFULNESS certification course for Teens and Adults from HAPPIITTUDE GLOBAL ➢Mental health Supporter and Ambassador(Global trainers, coaches, and counselors organization, Chennai) ➢Personal Mastery Mantra (Indan Leadership Academy) ➢Spiritual Leadership program (Indian Leadership Academy) ➢Coaching Mastery Programme (Life By Design, Chennai) ➢Meditation Teacher’s Training Course(Spiritual Light Ashram) 4. I gave webinar on ‘importance of nutrition in our life’ https://youtu.be/4Rr6EDGFXky 5. I gave webinar on ‘Food For Soul’ http://youtu.be/bpfB2URsvsY 6. Featured in WOMAN OF FUTURE talk show on instagram https://www.instagram.com/tv/CWF2w3xBXH2/?utm_medium=copy_link 7.I published my first self help book from Amazone. com THE AWAKENING: KNOW YOUR TRUE SELF https://www.amazon.in/dp/B09MXCDMTH/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_W2SKW53MRAXE63HDY90T 8. Speaker at GTCO, delivered a speech on Mindfulness on the occasion of International World Health Day 2021 9. I have done the 5 days of Mindfulness what’s up workshop on zoom with huge success. 10. I have successfully completed 10days spiritual weight loss what's up challenge in the month of November 2021.people loose 2kg to 5kgs in 10days. 11. I gave 4 weeks of free webinar on topic 'JOURNEY WITHIN' organised by Rutuja Charitable Trust,Surat. 12. Winner of Global Leadership Achievement Award in December 2021 by Indian Leadership Academy and skill central UK.

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    • Mumbai

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    • Maharashtra

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    • Motivational Speaker

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    • ppurvi1502@gmail.com

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    • Homoeopathic dr, nutritionist, Mindfulness coach for teens and adults,author

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    • D.H.M.S

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Project Details

 Upcoming project: MINDFULNESS FOR TEENS online course for teenagers aged 12years to 19years:


In life, things happen around us, things happen to us, but the things that truly matters is what happens within us.We have the power to choose new ways of responding to life in every moment but to respond we have to be present in that perticular moment by becoming mindful. Challengesare the part of our life and life is boring withouth challenges. Teenagers are the future adults so if they learn to deal with adverse life situation then they can design their choice of life very well.

Mindfulness for teens course to offer all teens tools and techniques which are scientifically designed exclusively forteenagers. we have designed a curriculum of 6 weeks Mindfulness For Teens Course.

Objective of MFT course:

 Enhanced focus in studies and improvements in grades

 Reduce negative self talk

 Increase in memory power

 Improve in mood

 Know your emotions and improve over control on emotions

 Increase capacity to deal with adverse life events

 Better physical health

 Better inter personal relationship


Highlights of course:


 Playful ways of learning

 Live interections

 Sharing of thoughts and views

 Cultural stories

 Guided meditations

 Access to rercoded sessions

 Journaling

 Activities to understand the concept in playful way


Problems are there-learn to solve them

Challenges are there- learn to face them

Arguments are there-learn to respond them






Complete Business Details

I am a Mindfulness coach for teens.I am conducting 6weeks online program called MINDFULNESS FOR TEENS,

I have designed a unique weightloss program called SPIRITUAL WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM.

For other details of my workshops and programs kindly link on below links:

Website: https://pep.live/purrvi

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/lifetodfullest

Instagram: ppurrvi30 



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