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Dr. Nasreen Samnani has strong roots in the Development Sector for the past 16 years and has worked in several reputed INGOs of India with different roles in Education, Health and Gender Equity. Today she is a Founder & Director of a Design Your Destiny Foundation - a Social Enterprise working towards Mental Health and Wellness.

Her Academics are rich in three different fields; Mcom, HR and Clinical Mental Health. She is a certified Hypnotherapist from California Hypnosis Institute of India and Personal Counsellor, Mentor and Relationship Therapist from University of Toronto.

She is the recipient of many Awards and Accolades like 'Honorary Doctorate in Social Work' 2021. She is also the National Member of the Human Rights Protection Commission. In 2019 she was awarded as 'Social Influencer of the year' for her work in the development sector by Telangana Artists Association and 'Women Achiever Award' by Aga Khan Development Network for the youngest girl from the community to break out of poverty from naxalite village Adilabad to the world around now.

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    • Telangana

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    • Mcom, Clinical Therapsit from Toronto & Russia

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Project Details

 Problem Statement/Attention:- 21st Century Mental Health Hazards:

In this 21st century, we are generally focused on medical care rather than the total health care. Even in our houses we don’t have the culture of mental wellbeing. People only go to hospitals when some disease attacks them. With global urbanization, the lifestyle is changing in both rural and urban localities and technology has snatch away the connection from the nature.

As per a WHO report on ‘Mental Health’ has found that by 2030, the urban population will increase by more than two billions in Mumbai and other metro cities. And it will give rise to mental health issues like depression, stress, anxiety, dementia, Alzheimer and suicide etc.

As we see the recent times;

a)     1 out of 4 people are living in mental condition and ignorant of what to do

b)     60 Million Indians suffer from mental illness. 

c)     130,000 Indians commit suicide every year. India has 1 suicide every 40 seconds.

d)     1 in 3 homeless individuals suffer from a mental illness.

e)     1 in 5 Indians are living below poverty line and hence the adverse effect of casteism, gender biases and different socio-demographic conditions directly affects one’s physical and mental health conditions. 

f)      Poor Mental Health Condition is a growing Public Health Concern in today’s times affecting an individual’s relationship with self and others thereby affecting the productivity and physical health too.

g)     If we observe the recent scenario, the rural residents’ are migrating for their living to various metro cities and hence the percentage of slums in urban is increasing year after years creating concerns on health.

Hence Design Your Destiny Foundation intends to inculcate the habit of building regular health.


Proposed Solution:

What is the Strong Mental Health?

A state where a person is able to take decision and also ready to accept the end result whether be it positive or negative and bounce back in any adversities.


Programs of the Organisation:

1.     Adopt a School/College Model: Design Your Destiny Foundation adopts each school where a counsellor is appointed by the foundation to work end to end; from screening/testing of students behavioural modalities to providing therapies to grow and live a happy life. Children are sensitized to connect to nature through various activities and perform well in studies.

Some of the Schools where DYDF is working:

Fidai Diamond Jubilee High School- Mumbai

CBR Model school – Adilabad in Telangana

Slums of Mumbai like Asalpha  -

Karjat Public School –


2.     Advencheers Model: DYDF connect people to universe through various activities. Advencheers is the first and the old model; even when DYDF was not formally registered. Some of the activities conducted with schools, college and corporates are


3.   Community Based Model (Alternative Therapies): After auditing an issue, an individual needs therapies as part of curation of life. Design        Your Destiny Foundation, provides  therapies like Yoga for mindfulness, meditation, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), DNA therapy etc,         Aroma Therapy, Naturopathy, Art Therapy etc.





       Art Therapy: CANVAS PAINTING:


4.  Rehabilitation Model: Design Your Destiny Foundation is planning is set up rehabilitation centres for victims of various abuses like            substance abuse, domestic violence and sexual abuses etc who will stay in the centre under the direct focus of doctors and therapist who will help people overcome their traumas of violence. The centre will provide complete healing package to an individual who undergo self-transformation.



 1. Honarary Doctorate in Social Service 2021 with Lifetime National Membership

2. Social Influencer Award in 2019 by Telangana Artisit Association

3. Certificate for World Entrepreneurship Development Program in 2017 by World Bank

4. Disaster Deputy in Disaster Management in 2013.

4. Certified Counsellor by HTH Mumbai 2010.

5. Women Achiever Award in 2009 by THe Ismailia Helping Society 2009.

6. Master Hypnotist by California Hypnosis Institute of India in 2008


Complete Business Details

 Purpose of the Organization:

Design Your Destiny Foundation’ is founded with strong and pure intentions to connect people to oneself and universe and assist them to live a happy life. We believe in breaking the stereotyping of mental health from psychiatry to psychic wellbeing.


To Promote, Prevent, Provide, and create Pathways towards Mental Health wellbeing of a million individual by 2030


1.     Aware the public about various mental illnesses and eliminate stigma and prejudices amongst the society.

2.     Educate and Deliver wide varieties of program about good mental health by providing advocacy, education and training to the communities towards recovery.

3.     Provide access to high quality, culturally competent and integrated services regardless of ability to pay.

4.     Build a strong mentally healthy ecosystem for all stakeholders by advocating policy and harmonizing systematic change in rights and benefits of individuals by availing the individuals with sustainable livelihoods as per their right to work, capacity and capabilities.

Objective of the Organisation:

The Objective of the organization is to assist people to become the ‘captain of their life’ who are suffering with mental ailments’ like mental stress, depression, due to which people choose health-hazarding pathways like substance abuse and committing suicides.


Extending the cause to support people in living a happy life; Design Your Destiny Foundation’ is focused to help students in schools and colleges to cope up with their studies and individuals working in corporate, government offices, Hospitals, Institutes who wish to maintain a healthy mental life and Individual Homes where the senior citizens live alone and there is no one to hear their voices.


The Organisation aims to provide different program from training to generating livelihoods


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