Patel Dharmendrabhai Maganbhai 13
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Patel Dharmendrabhai Maganbhai 13


"Gujarat's Glorious Dekaro Award" Page 3 Magazine honored Dharmesh Patel with the name of the tenant village of Olpad taluka. I first express my gratitude to Patel Dharmendra Kumar Maganbhai Patel as the Principal of Bhandut Village Citizen and Primary School Koba in Olpad Taluka of Surat District for fulfilling my duties towards the nation as an enlightened person in the society and for choosing me as a proud son of Gujarat. From the time of the last Corona to this day, I am waiting for everyone to walk on a new path that will take everyone, young and old, towards the path of health. The esteemed media among you also helped me a lot to set an example to the young generation and students of the entire district not only for their own benefit. The saga, which began with only 13 young teachers and friends, continued unabated. Conducted a variety of socially useful activities such as running, cycling, yoga, swimming, mountaineering, meetings for religious awareness, and tree planting. Hundreds also participated in the event, as well as running various marathons covering the area from as far as Kutch to the coast of Daman. Construction of school level A and eco club in the district and training related to environment was given to 300 teachers at district level and accelerated the Go Green campaign. Along with cutting a cake on the day of birth, a child planted a tree and gave it a year-round activity. Made nests for animal breeding. There is also a craft activity like doing a daily craft activity with children and passing the video on to others through social media. Efforts are being made to make people more efficient towards health in the coming days. I am indebted to you and your team for giving me this honor and pride on the occasion of Gujarat Day. Praise be to Mother Saraswati for making this honor one more motivating force for me. The award went to well-known TV serial artist Sangeeta Joshi who has acted in many films and got the chance to receive today's award. For that I thank Page 3 and his team. When I was selected for the award for the first time, I was honored on stage with my parents, not my parents. It was my dream that whenever I go on the big stage, my parents are truly entitled to the first award.

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