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Samita  Pandya


I'm a signature nd handwriting expert fr 15yrs of experience..have analysed mre thn 25k handwriting samples nd worked on 1000's of people wt depression. Completed my phd in psychology , Certified graphologist certified wt 12 different courses on life modalities. Certified document examining nd handwriting expert from international forensic science Certified bach flower remedies practitioner Certified body language expert Associated wt American association of handwriting analysts American handwriting analysis foundation Won accolades Nari shakti saaman Rashtriya gaurav puraskar Womens glory Tirupati chambers award fr women and mny mre . I wish to dedicate my life to the society to bring a better world fr future generations. My motto is "to reconstruct a person to it's right path".

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    • City :
    • Secunderabad

    • State :
    • Telangana

    • Category :
    • Counsellor

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    • Profession:
    • Graphologist ,psychologist ,document nd handwriting examiner

    • Education
    • PhD in psychology wt social sciences

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 Nari shakti saman 

Rashtriya Gaurav puraskar 

Woman achievers award 

Associate member of American associatio of handwriting analysis 

Certified by the international forensic science 

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 I'm a signature and handwriting expert and I definitely believe to render my service to the society to make better citizens of tomorrow

So it service business where we give courses on handwriting analysis also give the signature analysis of the person and treating the psychological issues in holistic way.



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