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I’m Vetriselvi Senguttuvan from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. I did my Bachelors’ degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering in Coimbatore Institute of Technology. I got a job as a Software Engineer in Tata Elxsi, Bangalore, Karnataka, India. I worked there for two years and then changed my career path as an Author/writer in 2020. I started writing my first novel around August, 2020 and I approached the publishing company, Poetry World Organization and got my novel published in April, 2021. At the same time, I was also done with my horror novel and that got published in October, 2021. Followed by that, I wrote a collection of flash fictions and the publication of my third book happened in March, 2022. I am a Content Writer too. Presently, my fantasy/adventure novel has been published. I’m also a grade-4 Guitarist by passion who can play both acoustic and electric guitars. 

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WORD COUNT - 53542

It is an adventure/mystery/psychological-thriller fiction. I’ve written the story in American accent/English. All the characters and the locations I’ve mentioned is in North America, Athens, Greece and Tbilisi, Georgia. Emory University’s School of Medicine, Atlanta, Georgia and Tel Aviv University, Israel are doing a research on the ‘Hand-me-down’ trauma in rats and other rodents. They’re yet to find out if the trauma occurs in humans too. I’ve used that psychological trauma in my story and have depicted what human really feels or acts if the trauma is possible in humans. It’s my own perception. My writing quirks are the way of expressing the plot, attention to details and logic.

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WORD COUNT - 54340

It is a horror/thriller American fiction with new and interesting characters. I’ve written the book in American accent/English. All the characters and locations in the story are in North America and Istanbul, Turkey. The concept of witchcrafts and the demonic possession are the main subjects of the story. I’ve mentioned the struggle between the good and the bad within us, we humans. I’ve depicted that strive via one of the main characters, the Son of Satan. He fights a lot within himself. A fight between his demonic nature and the god nature (the human in him). It’s pretty much we all are. It’s about suppressing our demonic potentials and bringing out the god in all circumstances, which isn’t possible but one should try. The best qualities of the book are objectifying minute details, the plot, interlinks and the roles of each character.

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Each story word count – 360 to 800

This book is a collection of flash fictions. Each story is in a different genre. The beauty of the stories is that, I haven’t mentioned any character names or specific locations and is all general fictional happenings. It is a compilation of fantasy, mystery, love, horror and sci-fi/drama. The stories are very imaginative and creative. Every narrative would leave the readers contemplating. This book is for anyone who enjoys very short stories. Each story has got a simple moral in it and is something everyone should think about, including myself.


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It is a fantasy/adventure novel. It is about the creation of different worlds in the universe. The title speaks for itself, it is the magical version of the formation of the worlds and the livings things in them. An imaginary depiction of the origin and the creation. Separate world for mythological creatures who have supernatural powers. Magic is what bind the worlds together. There’s still love, lust, betrayal, hatred, greed and wrath existing in this version too. A pure fantastical and adventurous novel for fantasy lovers.

Is hell really hell and heaven really heaven? Different worlds in the universe are getting created by her. She seeks purpose of her existence as well as the purpose of the living organisms she created. There’s still love, lust, betrayal, hatred, greed and wrath existing in all the domains.

They’re in search of their loved ones and that love and determination help them to even get to another world. Nothing can stop true love. However, a vile and powerful enchantress is in the way and she keeps separating them. Gives them tough time.

He was totally innocent and got deceived in the name of trust and love. A passionate soul is forcefully made into a monster. He never wanted that. The situation made his life miserable. So pathetic!

Magic rules all!


I've been interviewed as an Author on UK's leading global radio station 'Unity Live Radio.' I've been awarded the Bharat Gaurav Puraskar and a certificate of excellence by Sir Major Yashpal Singh, the Chairman of KTK foundation outstanding achievers and Helium Production, New Delhi. Recently, nominated for the Real Super Woman Award 2022 under Author & Writer category.

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