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Akanksha Negi


Daydreamer and a brand ambassador of the 'work hard, party harder' culture, Akanksha first started working as a freelance graphic designer and photographer, while still wandering the uncertain streets of teenage career existentialism. She eventually found her path at Raffles, Mumbai from where she graduated in 2015 with a degree in visual designing. After a year and a half of adulting as a visual designer and photographer in Gujarat, she finally gave in to her love for design, events and jewellery and decided to add to her repertoire a range of ventures she could call her own. She opened her own design studio in August 2020, in Vadodara, Gujarat.

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    • City :
    • Vadodara West

    • State :
    • Gujarat

    • Category :
    • Graphic Designer

    • Email ID:
    • akankshanegidesign@hotmail.com

    • Profession:
    • Graphic Designer

    • Education
    • Degree - Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication

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You can check out all my work here:




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Complete Business Details

Akanksha started Akanksha Negi Design in 2016. It's been 5 years now.

Design Studio: Vadodara, Gujarat

Website: www.akankshanegi.in

Instagram - www.instagram.com/akankshanegidesign




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