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I’ve been a Spiritual entrepreneur since 2018, I’ve served over 50 thousand clients all over world and counting! My coaching and services involve empowering not just women but men, helping heal the family dynamics and promoting more conscious families that operate from love rather than ego. It focuses on youth’s issues such as depression, anxiety and issues revolving around relationships which aren’t taught at home. It started at my own home, I had to go against my family who abused me for 23 years of my life and did not let me work, I still found ways and now I’m helping others on their journey on how their actions do have an impact on others, and how the youth can create a change by using the spiritual tools provided in order to break the generational curses.

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    • Mumbai

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    • Maharashtra

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    • Entrepreneur

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    • Spiritual Leader

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    • B.A. Psychology

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 I have built courses to enhance an individual's life, bring them the materialistic abundance as well as the spiritual abundance as well.


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 I've been self-employeed since 2018, I've been able to combine various healing modalities and bring healing to the clients that I have served (over 20,000 and counting) all around the world. I am a Tarot reader, Reiki Grandmaster, Shamanic Healer, Life coach, Spiritual mentor, Psychic, Hypnotherpist, Art Therapist, Business coach and a Content creator. 


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