Anshu Malika Roja Selvamani
. India . joined August, 2021

Anshu Malika Roja Selvamani


I am someone who uses talent to contribute to the wellness of other people. I am a founder who started social entrepreneurship to help other people. I manage social media promotin, product delivery and strategy devising. I manage the company official work and money issues, its a government of india registerred company. We have a registered pan with certificate of incorporation. I managed all the official documents and behind the scenes work.

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    • Chennai City Central

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    • Tamil Nadu

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    • Social Entrepreneur

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    • Founder

    • Education
    • 12th studying

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Project Details

Our new project we are working on is doing paid digital art tutorials where we collect money, we use low income artists to deliver these classes and the money we collect is shared between them and the other half of the profit goes to low income students.

Our other project is creating logos with peoples faces for business or their social media. All the profit goes to a charity.



Secretary general of YEFMUN conference
President of YEF SDG Conference
Compiled book shifting perceptions which was featured in regional newspapers
Won achievement award 2021 in two cateogaries, for my social work and writing 
Published two research papers one of which has won merit publication
Won international and national Olympiads such as SOF, UIE and Silverzone
Founder of community Penning Perceptions
Founder of Art for a cause NGO
President of Transforming lives with coding
Won applause award 2021
Was selected for child prodigy awards
Writer of dedicated column world of technology in national magazine tzp
Novel to be published
Co-authored in 30 books, some of which have achieved a world record
Chosen as head writer for Inkadhai magazine
Served as national head of youth affairs of YEF NGO
Won National Science Championship got third rank
Won most innovative hack in girls can code coding competition from IIT, Hyderabad
Have 600+ certificates of advanced courses and skills
Won medals for national marathons 
Ran 10+ marathons in a year some even with 21 km
Inspiring Youth Award 2021
Overachiever of the year Award 2021
Bornachiever award
Power of one award
Child prodigy award 2021
Born star 2021 award

Complete Business Details

Company is called Art for a cause. We sell different types of digital artwork like name logos, cartoonistic art or portraits. We look at foreign clients so we are able to make more money and all the profit is used to help low income students. The mission of our company is to help low income students get access to education.


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