Kajal Rajput
Delhi . Delhi . India . joined March, 2022

Kajal Rajput


I am iso certified tarot and akashic reader..i am lamafera and shamnic healer and i practice tantra (vammarg) from 5 years...i have dedicated my life to helping people to find their positive energy and guiding them in the journey of life...i have predicted over 10000 people over the globe ...I also educated more than 1000 people about spirituality , tarotreading,sadhna and many more...I also love to heal animals...

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    • City :
    • Delhi

    • State :
    • Delhi

    • Category :
    • Tarot Card Reader

    • Email ID:
    • rajputkajal551@gmail.com

    • Profession:
    • Tarot card reading,Shamanism and numerology

    • Education
    • Masters

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 when human being experienced  trauma or severe  life stressors it is not uncommon for their lives to unravel.  my great passion  is to bringing  Healings to people who have been through a traumatic , stressful ,unhealthy  and unhealed life experience . i help my clients  who included children ,adults,families  and even animals  to find healthy  and healing perceptions  of themselves and strengthens  their relationship  with spiritually  and with their innerself so they can know themselves as peaceful , complete ,whole and safe....i know that no single approach  is the right one for individual  and so i have been trained in a range of modalities  including  lamaferahealing shamanism ,tantra, reiki,past life therapy ,non linguistic  programming  and many more approaches to their problems .

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