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I was born on 11th October, 1975, in Panvel, Navi Mumbai. I was born and brought up in Panvel: including my education and work. I am an independent, and self-made entrepreneur. Through sheer dint of hard work and effort, I've risen through the ranks. Due to a family-related financial crisis, I began taking tutions in Grade 8, and from Grade 10, I had a part-time job, and since FY, I started a full-time job. In 2001, I took up a franchise of the now famous IT institute, Jetking, which I have since given up.It had a turnout of over 1 crore, and I am still in touch with almost all of my employees. 

After marriage in 2013, I had 2 children. I set my work aside for them: I wanted them to grow up in a good environment. I hope to pass onto them all the experience and wisdom that I have aquired. I also wished to take of my family. Around 2013, I took admission for M.Com in management, and got 1st class. As of now, I'm pursuing a PhD. Since 2013 to 2019, I've devoted my time, energy and focus for my family: I've taught them good eating habits, how to study well, to celebrate festivals with their family, and to take care of themselves. My husband's field has also always been IT. Up until 2019, he was doing a job, but when COVID-19 began, and everyone was on lockdown, he started his IT staffing company. Both of my children are studying in an international-board school.

I now run a completely self-owned comapany, known as 'Annapurna Bhavini's Kitchen', that provide food services to tens of people every single day. My goal is to ensure the nutritional purity of people's diets. 

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Project Details

My aim is to create a safe space for 2 of the very important parts of society: the elderly, and the young. The elderly are oftentimes though of as senile, not worth one's times, when in fact they are  a window into the past. What could be more valuable than that? I wish to create a safe place, in the form of an old-age home and old age day care center for them, where they are kept educated, engaged and happy. So the young couples can be at east I  their parents front....Also for the young, as well ...They are not able to get conducive environment and write nurturing die to extremely competitivework environmentof their parents, nuclear family, lack of reliable resourcesto take care of our toddlers... I want to create a daycare, that also functions as after-school classes. Not only will the children be taught to be academically gifted, but morally gifted as well, because I dislike the idea that academic intelligence towers over all other forms of it. To quote Albert Einstein, "Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life believing that it is stupid.”


As a social worker, many of those whom I have served — especially during the COVID-19 era — have blessed me, be they hospitalised or in self-quarantine. My inspiration behind this was the passing of my own father: I did not want another person to ever miss out on one of the basic necessities of human life, that is, a hot, homemade meal, prepared with love. This field is tiring, but at the end of the day, I can feel the love my customers feel, when they can unwind with a good meal ready for them. Many of my grateful customers have gifted me things as a token of appreciation, for example, this statue of Lord Ganesh by a family, for when I had continued serving them through the death of my father. On the day he was cremated, eight of them had be given their regular orders. This field is truly noble, and for its nobility, multiple social event managers have invited me, and felicitated me with awards and trophies, including my own housing society, but the awards don't matter to me as much as the people I serve. When I was working as a visiting lecturer my college has also felicitated me as a popular teacher ...In my career from 1999 to 2013 I have won many awards and trophies in the area of operations,  sales, placement  and quality....looking forward to contribute to the human race with help of this experience.


Complete Business Details

When COVID-19 began, I started and manage a home made food service business named 'Annapurna Bhavini's Kitchen': I take orders via Whatsapp, finish their deliveries, and give it to the delivery workers, that I've hired, to dispatch these orders. Like I said before, I used to run a company franchise (Jetking, Old Panvel), and through it, I have come to grow a large network of people. I especially treated covid infected families, the elderly, hospitalised people, and working professionals.

During 2020 (the COVID-19 era), I took utmost care of my family, but then, in November of 2020, I was diagnosed with COVID-19, and I suffered a lot. I especially missed eating healthy, home-made food. There were so many restrictions during that time: no maids, no cooks. To make sure no one ever had to suffer like I did, I began my food service business.

Due to the pandemic, children had to attend online classes. Their screen time increased, and their contact with children of the same age decreased, so I thought of starting tuition classes for children studying in playgroup to Grade 2. I wanted to dsitradct them from media, and divert their minds from online to offline, and teach them basics of education moral and values in a very friendly environment.

So whatever experience-based knowleedge I've aquired since 1989 to 2013 was very useful for me to become a good housewife, a loving mother, a caring daughter-in -law, an approachable neighbour, and a respectable and responsible member of society. I was able to balance my work and my life with the cooperation of my dear husband. Now, I am a housewife, and I have been since 2013, having my food service business and my tuitions.

Since I was small, I have always been the breadwinner. I have always worked tirelessly. I am a businesswoman through and through. As the great Spanish artist, Picasso once said, "Action is the foundational key to all success."


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