Dr Kalpana Sunil Gosavi
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Dr Kalpana Sunil Gosavi


My name is Dr Kalpana Sunil Gosavi, I am writer, Author and entrepreneur, educator too, we provide free education for underprivileged children in rural areas.

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    • City :
    • Pune

    • State :
    • Maharashtra

    • Category :
    • Entrepreneur

    • Email ID:
    • maugosavi@gmail.com

    • Profession:
    • Educator

    • Education
    • PhD in Education, graduation

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 A writer, entrepreneur, and author of "Sailor: Life on a ship" an award-winning book, I am a Channel Partner and Regional Partner of Brainywood, a Guinness World Record-holding Organisation that works on Brain science, memory techniques, and online Ed-Tech platform, providing 4th-dimensional education applications.

- I have been awarded:
* India Prime Author Awards 2021
Category: In grateful recognition for your enduring commitments to exceptional contribution towards the society.
* Global Icon Awards 2020
Category: Most Inspiring Woman Entrepreneur In Pune.
* The Real Super Woman 2020
Category: Personality Development Coach.
* G-Town Award Of Excellence 2020
Category: Best Educationist and Social Reformer
* Business Excellence Awards 2021
Category: One Of The Distinct Social Worker Of The Year
* Remarkable Woman 2021
For: Remarkable Woman Of The Year 2021
* Internation Idol Awards 2021
Category: Social Services
* AALF2021- Asian-African Leadership Forum 2021.
Category: The Emerging Social EnterprenuerOf The Year In "Education"
* Bharat Gaurav Purskar 2021
Category: Outstanding Achievements And Remarkable Contribution In The Fields Of Social Services.
* National Excellence Awards
Category: Outstanding Achievements and Remarkable Contributions In The Field Of Business

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