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Dr. Kshma  Swarnkar


Myself Dr. Kshma working as an online facilitator and Co-Founder in an online tutoring company named as e-Gurukul, Excellence of Learning with an experience of 8+ years, catering globally. I also have many national and international research paper in the field of Biotechnology. I also worked as premilitary army officer for 7 years. I also won gold medal in firing in 2004. I personally believe that teaching is the passion and i am highly passionate towards my job cum responsibility towards the nation.


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    • Delhi

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    • Delhi

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    • Teacher & Principal

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    • egurukulexcellenceoflearning@gmail.com

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    • Online facilitator and Co - Founder of E- Gurukul, Excellence of learning

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    • Online facilitator and Co - Founder of E-Gurukul, Excellence of Learning

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Project Details

Our primary tutoring objective is for our students to achieve the following outcomes: 

  • Enhance their approaches to learning from instruction in quantitative/science courses, particularly for solving novel problems by becoming more skilled readers, note-takers, and strategic learners.
  • Expand their toolbox of methods to solve problems by becoming more skilled at explicitly thinking about their reasoning processes, and developing strategies that work for them.
    Our ultimate goal is that students generalize these methods and processes to other disciplines and transfer them to other quantitative problem-solving courses and independent work.
  • Develop systematic methods for learning from problem sets, including: how to apply and transfer conceptual knowledge; identify common obstacles and errors; and contextualize individual problems within the themes and concepts of the course.


Posters presented in symposium/conferences: -
1. Kshma Swarnkar, Khushbu Verma and Harit Jha (2006). Antibacterial and antifungal activity of latex of Calotropis procera.Presented in National
“Seminar on Emerging horizons of Biotechnology”December 11-13, 2006, At Guru Ghasidas University, Bilaspur (C.G.).
2. Attended symposium on 25th July 2006 at Department of Biochemistry Pt. J.N Medical College, Raipur (C.G). Title of symposium: - Biotechnology in Future Medicine.
3. Presented Poster on Toxicity of leaf inhabiting bacteria at Department of
Botany, CMD PG College, Bilaspur (C.G).
4. Attended National Seminar on 28-29 January 2008 on “TEFBP: Vision
2020” at School of Biotechnology at Guru Ghasidas University, Bilaspur
5. Attended National Seminar on 30 March 2006 on Recent Trends in Biomedical Science at School of Biotechnology at Guru Ghasidas
University, Bilaspur (C.G)
6. Attended Work shop on “Hands on DNA Technologies” from 8th – 11th
January 2013 at Govt. Nagarjuna P.G. College of Science, Raipur (C.G)
7. Presented an oral presentation on “Effect of Agro-chemical on agriculture fields” on 1st Feb. 2013 at Govt. E. R. R. P. G. Science College, Bilaspur
(C. G.)
Published Research Papers: -
1. D. K Shrivastava, Kshma Swarnkar and T. P. Chandra (2012). Fungi –Toxic Properties of Leaf Extracts of some Herbaceous wild Plants. International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)ISSN (Online):2319 – 7064 Impact Factor (2012): 3.358.
2. D. K Shrivastava and Kshma Swarnkar (2014). Antifungal Activity of Leaf extract of Neem (Azadirachta IndicaLinn). International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences, ISSN :2319 – 7706.
3. D. K Shrivastava, Kshma Swarnkar and Archana Shrivastava (2012 ). Comparative study of Antibacterial properties of solvent Extracts of Some spices Plants against common Pathogenic Bacteria. Proceedings of National Seminar: Research Papers

NCC ‘C’ certificate with B grading.
1. Currently working with many tutoring company as educational facilitators, Motivational entrepreneur and Co- Ordinator.
2. Having 6 years of experience in online tutoring in Infocom Learning solution, Australia.
3. Having teaching experience of 5 years as commissioned NCC officer in The Jain International School, Bilaspur.
4. Having teaching experience of 6 months in St. Xavier School, Bharni Bilaspur as PGT Teacher.
5. Having experience in coaching institute for teaching in medical and Engg. Students.

Complete Business Details

e-Gurukul, is one of the leading in online tutoring portal, which provide one to one live, interactive class in very affordable pricing. Our tutor designs the class according to the student’s requirement.

e-Gurukul, as the name implies teaching through electronic media.We provide Online tutoring which is purely live, interactive and depend upon the student’s requirement. We can also be accessed 24/7 by the registered users. We insure to give quality teaching by the professional tutor across the world.

We provide tutoring for multidisciplinary courses such as Science, Mathematics, English, Hindi etc and also includes wide range of subjects for Entrance examination also.


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