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Honorable members, good afternoon... It gives me an immense pleasure to be associated with you...                           ABOUT ME         I am Kousalya I am misses of Dr. Vijay Kumar Koninti Psychologist   I feel privileged to introduce myself to your highness... I am VijayKumar, Psychologist... Associate Member: American Psychological Association... I am a Freelance Psychologist, Trainer, Counselor and Social Activist...                         PROFFESSION * I have been teaching English since 2016... * I have been giving trainings to all walks of people throughout the country on... 1) personality development, 2)soft skills, 3) life skills, 4) communication, 5) HR, 6) management, 7) marketing, 8) leadership, 9) NLP and so on... for the last 7 years... * I have been doing counselings for all types of problems for the last 6 years... * I have been conducting awareness camps for the last 5 years....                    CORE COMPETENCIES * 6 years experience in Teaching English... * Covered 1,42,000 students and made 57,000 students Speak English... * 6 years experience in conducting trainings... * Completed 6,496 trainings... and covered... 18,98,000 participants from all wslks... * Did Councellings for all kinds of problems to... 6,850... people of all age groups, solved their problems successfully and made them live happily... * Solved 487 divorced cases successfully...                       CONTRIBUTION           My home district Mahabubnagar presently in Telangana State had been getting the last position in 10+2 results for 2 years among the 23 districts of the then state Telangana state... * I took it as a challenge, went to all colleges for 2 times in the  academic year 2019 -2020, motivated the students and made the district stood on 11 position... * More than that, I became a strong part in improving the results of 10 th standard students of welfare hostels in many academic years...                AWARENESS PROGRAMS          I have conducted awareness camps on... 1) HIV & AIDS, 2) anti ragging, 3) human trafficking, 4) plantation, 5) woman empowering, 6) national integration, 7) patriotism, 8) organic cultivation, 9) swacch bharath, 10) safe migration, 11) health camps, 12) blood donation camps, 13) youth leadership, 14) legal camps, 15) primary education - parent's role, 16) children's future - parent's role, 17) role of media for eliminating social evils, 18) Beti Bachav Beti Padave and so on....                      AS A SPONSORER           I have donated my level best for many activities conducted for social cause, needy and so on... 1) I have been a major sponser for games & sports, 2) medical camps, 3) awareness programs, 4) yoga trainings, 5) karate tournaments and  6)distributing blankets for chenchu a tribe which lives in the forests and so on...                         MAIN FOCUSE           For all my social service activities, I got the below 18 prestigious awards... 1-7) I got the Best Social Service Awards for 7 times by the state government... 8-9) I received 2 gold medals by his excellency the honourable governor... 10) Komaram Bheem Award... 11) Keethi Puraskar Award... 12) Keerthi Ratna Award... 13) Telugu Book of Records - Life Time Achievement Award 2017... 14) I am honoured with International Education Icon Awards Inspirational Leader Award 2019... 15) I have been honoured with Lifetime Achievement Award 2019, by Honourable Troy D Cline, the Director NASA -USA... 16) I have got Indo International Icon Awards - Great Personality of the Year - 2020... 17) Most Talented Trainings and Developing Leaders by GTF World Business Summit - 2020... 18) Humanitarian Excellency Award - 2020 by   I can Foundation...                            

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 HONOURS           I proudly say that... 1) I have got my name in the Gazette of Government.... 2) I worked as a member in the State Social Security Board under eminent personality cadre... 3) I had been invited as a deligate to the World Bank Board Governors Meeting, representing Migrant Forum in Asia... 4) I got the invitation as a deligate to the International Convention -  International Labour Organization, representing Migrant Forum in India... 5) I had been appointed as an official deligate for a Study Tour to Kerala on the Welfare Schemes of Migrants Labours, representing Migrants Rights Council...                              PRIVILEGES 1) I was elected as Associate Member: American Psychological Association, Washington DC, according to the bylaws of the association in 2017... 2) I was appointed as a Member: Food Advisory Committee... 3) I was appointed as a Member: School Monitoring Committee... 4) I was appointed as a Member: District Legal Services Authority... 5) I have received a Honorary Doctorate by Theological University, Affiliated and Accredited by the University of Berkeley, California - USA... 6) I got appointed as an ambassador for the movie GULF which tells about safe migration... 7) I was appointed as a member by his excellency the honourable governor in junior red cross & youth red cross state committee... 8) I worked as a managing committee member for twice in Indian Red Cross Society... 9) I am a Professional Member - Institute of Scholars...                             MY MOTTO           I always think, " What I have given to the Society but not what the society has given to me."   I DO try to reach to the nook and corner of the country through my trainings, counselings, awareness programs and contributions as my level best...                             GRATITUDE           I wholeheartedly express my gratitude from the bottom of my heart to... 1) the nature & my parents for creating me... 2) the farmer for food... 3) the army for protecting... 4) the freedom fighters for the independence... 5) the indian constitution for the rights... 6) the scholars for wisdom, knowledge, books and so on...                           A SINCERE BOW           Honorable members... I sincerely bow my head for your affectionate concern, valuable support, globalizing initiation, your constructive activities with need of hour... Thank you very much...                             Jai Bharat...           Sarvejena Sukhinobhavanthu...

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